Which layer of the atmosphere has the smallest distance from the top to the bottom?

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What are the layers of the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is divided into five layers. It is thickest near the surface and thins out with height until it eventually merges with space. The layers from lowest to highest : - The Troposphere (up to 10 km) It's the atmosphere that surrounds us. On top of that comes... - The Stratosphere (10 (MORE)

Do the smallest fragments in a gel electrophoresis end up on top or bottom?

Answer . Depending on where the died fragments start, the smallest parts end up way on the other side.. The gel acts as a filter and the electrical current acts as... the current to push the fragments through the gel. Being that they're small... those fragments have an easier time getting throug (MORE)

What layer of atmosphere has two layers?

The thremosphere is the layer of the atmosphere that has two layers within it. The Thermosphere is the layer farthest from Earth's surface. The first layer of the thermosphere is the Ionosphere, and the second layer of the thermosphere is the exosphere

What is the layer in the atmosphere?

there are 6 layers troposphere(0to12km),stratosphere(12to50km),mesosphere(50to80km), thermoshere(above80km) which has 2 parts -ionoshere(80to400km) which is the inner one -exosheere(above400km)wich is the outer one

Six soil layers from top to bottom?

Orders Orders are the highest category of soil classification. Order types end in the letters sol. In the US classification system, there are 10 orders: [24] . Entisol - recently formed soils that lack well-developed horizons. Commonly found on unconsolidated sediments like sand, some have an A (MORE)

Why do rock layers become younger going from bottom to top?

that's easy, dirt is on the ground and over the yyears more dirt and rock cover it, subsequently every new layer of ground goes on top of the last one making the most current one the one top with other layers increasing in age as you go further down.

What has a bottom as a top?

Examples of things that have a top and a bottom are: . Your legs . a box . a building . a mountain . a bottle . a staircase . a garment . a test tube . a page . a vehicle . a tree . a hole in the ground

Place the smallest number of significant digits at the top and the largest number at the bottom of the column?

Placing the smallest digit at the top and listing so the digits continue down to the largest number is to sort in ascending order , from, for example, 1 to 10. To place the numbers with the largest at the top and the smallest at the bottom is to sort in descending order , say from 10 to 1. These (MORE)

Is the ozone layer a layer of the atmosphere?

No, it is a "sub-layer" mostly located within the stratosphere (app. 10-50 km above the Earth's surface), but exists in small quantities within all layers of the atmosphere. The Stratophere is the second-lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere and the ozone layer is located there.

The top of a sedimentary layer was deposited before the bottom?

Incorrect. The bottom of a sedimentary layer was deposited before the top. Imagine pouring different colors of sand in a clear vial one layer at a time and alternating colors. The color (or layer) on the bottom of the vial was deposited by you very first and the layer on top was last to be deposited (MORE)

Can a litmus milk culture show a pink band at the top and a brownish translucent layer at the bottom Explain?

No, the pink means that the organism can ferment lactose, so the medium is acidic that why the top is pink. But the brown means the the organism can't ferment lactose and it hydrolyzed protein to amino acids. This is contradictory it's either the whole this is completely pink (lactose fermentation) (MORE)

What has a bottom on its top?

ure momma------ A Mr. Potato Head. Technically everything on it is its top and the pouch it considered it bottom so a Mr. Potato Head has a bottom on its top! TAY TAY RULES No. Tay Tay doesn't rule because you're wrong. LEGS actually have a bottom on it's top.. lolll

Do you thin out the bottom layer of hair to make the top layers poof?

To thin your hair, cut it with thinning shears. However, if you want to make your hair "puffy" you probably shouldn't thin the bottom layers. Try "teasing" them to make the bottom layers super puffy. Take a comb, and pull your hair tight. Then brush your hair in the opposite direction. You can also (MORE)

Why is the coldest layer of the atmosphere next to the hottest layer of the atmosphere?

The coldest layer of the atmosphere is in the Mesosphere. This is because temperatures are decreasing as the Mesosphere extends upward above the Stratosphere. The air is thinner because the air particles are further apart. The next layer, known as the Thermosphere is the hottest layer. The reason wh (MORE)

What are the Layers of the Atmosphere and What about them?

Sections Section 1 - What are the Layers of the Atmosphere? Section 2 - Troposphere Section 3 - Stratosphere Section 4 - Tropopause Section 5- Ozone Layer Section 5 - Mesosphere Section 6 - Thermosphere Section 7 - Exosphere Section 8 - Summary . What are the Layers (MORE)