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Which mineral component sustains permanent magnetism?

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Is a permanent magnet permanent?

A permanent magnet is a magnet which will keep its magnetism for avery long time and is difficult to change. No, As I think a permanent magnet means they have abilities to h

When will a permanent magnet lose magnetism?

a permanent magnet has its domains arranged in one direction at all times and is thus able to exercise magnetic properties at all times, but it loses its magnetism if it is he

Permanent magnet how do i make a magnet?

To make a magnet you can do it three ways. No1. Get a metal rod and wrap some Insulated copper wire around it. You can use some other wires but it might not work as well. M

A permanent magnet will lose magnetism?

Under some conditions, sure. Impact and intense heat forinstance can render a magnet weaker.

Which is a permanent magnet?

A magnet which doesn't lose it's magnetic effect when it's away from another magnet . Steel magnets are usually permanent magnets , while those made of iron lose their magne

In a permanent magnet the magnetism comes from?

Mainly from the electrons, rotating around the nucleus. If the material is magnetized, then it is because several atoms are aligned in the same direction.\n Mainly from the e

Is a static magnet a permanent magnet?

Yes, maybe, but probably not. This is not the most common way of describing matters and the term "static magnet" does not have a defined meaning and established usage, so o

How is a permanent magnet magnetized?

The material from which the magnet is to be made is heated so that it is above what is called the curie temperature. The material is then allowed to cool in a magnetic field.

How can a permanent magnet lose its magnetism?

Heat or shock. Heating it past a certain point, or subjecting it to a hard mechanical shock will rearrange the magnetic domains so that they are no longer alligned. Also, an a
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How does a permanent magnet stay magnetic?

Inertia. A system will not change it's properties until an external force is applied. Permanent magnets DO decrease in strength by being used as they are subjected to external
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What magnet is not a permanent magnet?

Electromagnets possess a magnetic field that is a result of electrical current. When the current stops, the field will disappear also and hence we say that it is not permane

What is a permanent magnet?

Permanent magnets are those that keep their magnetism for a longperiod of time, without requiring the application of a current.Most permanent magnets are made from iron althou