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Which mineral component sustains permanent magnetism?

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What is a permanent magnet?

Permanent magnets are those that keep their magnetism for a long  period of time, without requiring the application of a current.  Most permanent magnets are made from iron

How are temporary magnets different from permanent magnets?

They are temporary, they can only attract for a few seconds, as  permanent magnets can attract for as long it is needed.   Answer   A permanent magnet is a material w

What are the primary components for sustainability?

There are four pillars of environmental sustainability commonly recognized: society, ecology, government, and economy. More specifically, societal sustainability is concerne

Is a permanent magnet permanent?

A permanent magnet is a magnet which will keep its magnetism for a  very long time and is difficult to change.     No, As I think a permanent magnet means they have

Is a magnet a mineral?

A magnet is a man-made object, made from minerals that are magnetic or iron that has been magnetized.

Permanent magnet how do i make a magnet?

To make a magnet you can do it three ways. No1. Get a metal rod and wrap some Insulated copper wire around it. You can use some other wires but it might not work as well. Ma

How can a permanent magnet lose its magnetism?

Heat or shock. Heating it past a certain point, or subjecting it to a hard mechanical shock will rearrange the magnetic domains so that they are no longer alligned. Also, an a

When will a permanent magnet lose magnetism?

a permanent magnet has its domains arranged in one direction at all times and is thus able to exercise magnetic properties at all times, but it loses its magnetism if it is he

How do you make a permanent magnet lose its magnetism?

Heat allows the atoms in a magnet to become less organized, causing  the individual magnetic fields of the atoms to cancel each other  out, dissipating the effect.