Which mobile is better Motorola or sony ericson?

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Motorola is better I,m using it know
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How do you format t660 Sony ericson mobile?

i have problem with my phone, this phone sony ericsson tt60 type. the problem is my phone blank data. i will reformat my phone by internet. but i can't do it. please help me.

What are the features of Sony ericson w8010?

Some of the features of the Sony Ericsson W8010 include Bluetooth,messaging, stereo FM radio, Java and video. It also boasts abattery stand-by time of 350 hours and talk time

What is better the Sony ericson w395 or w205?

Sony Ericsson introduces the brand new W395 Walkman cellphone. The Sony Ericsson W395 has large, powerful stereo speakers. W395 is aimed at young audience, which music is the

How do you do a fake call on Sony ericsons?

hello to sony user to do a fake call you need to download fake call app i use {fake call and sms} you set the time and it call you ddownloadd.blogfa.com ایرا

Is sony ericson Sony?

two different brand. Most of sony just for Japanese market. and Sony Ericsson is for world.

Are sony mobile phones better than LG mobile phones?

Most mobile phones on the market come with comprable technology and available functions, so which is better comes down to a personal preference. Stores such as AT&T and Best B