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Which obeys the octet rule PF5 Cs2 BBr3 CO3 2-?

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I know for sure BBr# & PF5 do not obey the octet rule, but i can't remember the rule of isotopes so I can't say for sure whether or not CO3 -2 obeys it or not.
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Does the molecule BBr3 follow the octet rule?

First, it helps to draw out the Lewis structure. Boron, being the least electronegative element is in the center, with the three Bromines singly bonded around it. Each Br has

Does Bf3 obey the octet rule?

No it is not fully obeying the octet rule. Boron has only 6 electrons (3 own + 3 from each F atom), lacking two for the octet. Fluorine is 3x satisfied, each with 8 electr

Does SO4 2- obey the octet rule?

Yes, SO 4 2- can be drawn without violating the octet rule. It is also a resonance structure. Here's an illustration below (ignore the dots, it was the only way it posted c

Which molecules does not obey the octet rule?

A Lewis acid such as BF 3

Did PF5 obeys octet rule?

No, it is the extension of octet rule due to involvement of 'd' orbitals of Phosphorus.