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Does C6H12O6 obey the octet rule?

Yes, it obeys the octet rule. (Of coarse not an octet for the H atoms: they are saturated with a duplet (=2)). To show you HOW this is done, you will need the structural for (MORE)

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Does IF5 obey the octet rule?

No, IF5 does not obey the octet rule. I has more than 8 valence electrons, so it has an expanded octet.

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Does Bf3 obey the octet rule?

No it is not fully obeying the octet rule. Boron has only 6 electrons (3 own + 3 from each F atom), lacking two for the octet. Fluorine is 3x satisfied, each with 8 electron (MORE)

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Does SO4 2- obey the octet rule?

Yes, SO4 2- can be drawn without violating the octet rule. It is also a resonance structure. Here's an illustration below (ignore the dots, it was the only way it posted corre (MORE)

Why BH3 obey the octet rule?

BH3 does not obey octet rule. it has a total of six electrons only. boron has three electrons in the valence shell and it accepts one electron from each hydrogen BH3 is a pl (MORE)

Does SiF4 obey the octet rule?

Si has four valence electrons and fluorine has seven. After forming four Si-F bonds, all atoms will get eight valence electrons and this compound follows the octet rule.

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