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Which obeys the octet rule PF5 Cs2 BBr3 CO3 2-?

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In Energy

Does Bf3 obey the octet rule?

No it is not fully obeying the octet rule. Boron has only 6 electrons (3 own + 3 from each F atom), lacking two for the octet. Fluorine is 3x satisfied, each with 8 electr (MORE)

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In Science

Why octet rule is not obeyed in the formation of h2 molecule?

hydrogen atoms have only one shell( K-shell) which can accommodate only two electrons. Therefore each hydrogen atom in hydrogen moleculecontributes one electron forming a pair (MORE)

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Explain why Beryllium does not obey the octet rule?

Beryllium is in the 2d period of the modern periodic  table. Its electron config. is [He] 2s2 and forms the  Be2+ ion by losing two elctrons and in this instance can  be sa (MORE)

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Does C6H12O6 obey the octet rule?

Yes, it obeys the octet rule. (Of coarse not an octet for the H atoms: they are saturated with a duplet (=2)). To show you HOW this is done, you will need the structural f (MORE)

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What is atoms need to do to obey the octet rule?

Atoms need to obey the octet rule, because if they do, they will become stable. To become stable, they need 8 valence electrons (electrons on the last electron shelf/cloud). O (MORE)

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Does SO4 2- obey the octet rule?

Yes, SO4 2- can be drawn without violating the octet rule. It is also a resonance structure. Here's an illustration below (ignore the dots, it was the only way it posted corre (MORE)