Which of Michael Jackson's hits did he write himself?

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Here are some of the songs he single-handedly wrote and composed (the ones that were done by his and others are labeled, the rest were all written and composed by Micheal Jackson):
  • Billie Jean
  • The Way You Make Me Feel
  • Black or White
  • Bad
  • I Just Can't Stop Loving You
  • Beat It
  • The Girl Is Mine
  • Remember The Time (written and composed by Teddy Riley, Michael Jackson and Bernard Belle.)
  • Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
  • Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
  • Heal The World
  • Scream (the duet was written and composed by... James Harris III and Terry Lewis, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson.)
  • They Don't Care About Us
  • Stranger In Moscow
  • This Time Around (song and lyrics writen by Michael Jackson and composed by Dallas Austin, Bruce Swedien and Rene.)
  • Earth song
  • D.S
  • Money
  • Childhood
  • 2 Bad (song and lyrics written be Michael Jackson and music composed by Bruce Swedien, Rene, and Dallas Austin.)
  • HIStory [sic]
  • Little Susie
There are at least 181 songs written / composed by Michael Joseph Jackson. * Denotes Co-Written works. Most notably: Another Part of Me • Bad • Beat It • Billie Jean • * Black or White • * Bless His Soul • Blues Away • * Break of Dawn • * Can You Feel It • * Childhood • * Dangerous • * Destiny • Dirty Diana • Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough • * Don't Walk Away • Earth Song • * Everybody • Fly Away • * Ghosts • The Girl Is Mine • * Give In to Me • * Give It Up • Heal the World • * Heaven Can Wait • * History • I Just Can't Stop Loving You • * In the Closet • * Jam • * Keep the Faith • Leave Me Alone • Liberian Girl • Little Susie • The Lost Children • * Love Never Felt So Good • * Lovely One • Money • * Push Me Away • * Remember the Time • * Say Say Say • * Scream • * Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) • Smooth Criminal • * Someone Put Your Hand Out • Speed Demon • * State of Shock • Stranger In Moscow • * That's What You Get For Being Polite • They Don't Care About Us • * Things I Do For You • This Place Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel) • * This Time Around • * Walk Right Now • Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' • The Way You Love Me • The Way You Make Me Feel • * We Are Here to Change the World • * We Are the World • * Whatever Happens • What More Can I Give • Who Is It • Will You Be There • Working Day and Night • * You Are My Life • * You Rock My World • * You Were There View Full List Of Published Works Written / Composed By Michael Jackson by clicking on the link below:

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The list of Michael Jackson's hits?

This is all his solo and group hits. They are arranged by year. It shows the song, the group/artist then the number it reached. Note: When the Jackson 5 left Motown in 1975, they became the Jacksons. 1969 I want you Back - Jackson 5 ~ 1 1970 ABC - Jackson 5 ~ 1 The love you S (MORE)

What are Michael Jackson's hit songs?

Thriller, billie jean, beat it, man in the mirror, bad, black or white, rock with you, don't stop 'till you get enough, and earth song. to name a few....

What was in Michael Jackson's will?

He wanted his mother to become the custodian of his children and ifshe is dead or incapable of looking after the children he wantedDiana Ross to look after them. For his estate, he left: 40% for his three children. 40% for his mother. 20% for charities . Nothing for his father Joe Jackson.

What are Michael Jackson's hit singles?

These are his Top 10 Hit Singles: 10. Man in the Mirror, Bad Album 9: You Are Not Alone, History Album 8. Black or White, Dangerous Album 7. ABC, ABC Album 6. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, Off The Wall Album 5. Beat It, Thriller Album 4. Smooth Criminal, Bad Album 3. Earth Song, History Album 2. (MORE)

Name one of Michael Jackson's hit songs?

Thriller, would have to be the most widely known across the world.. Well known Michael Jackson hits: . Thriller . Billie Jean . Beat It . Smooth Criminal . The Way You Make Me Feel . Don't Stop Til You Get Enough . Bad . Liberian Girl . Dirty Diana . Jam . Stranger In Moscow . Man In (MORE)

What were Michael Jackson's no 1 hits?

\n. \nBen, Rock With You, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough\n. \nBillie Jean, Beat It, Thriller, Say, Say, Say\n. \nI Just Can't Stop Lovin' You, The Way You Make Me Feel, Dirty Diana, \nBad, Man in the Mirror, Black and White, You Are Not Alone\n. \nWith the Jackson 5/the Jacksons:\nThe Love You S (MORE)

How can you write to Michael Jackson's family?

Probably there is no possibility to contact his family. Jackson family is a show business family. That means that they don't have private e-mail addresses. No private contact data is released to the public.

What are Michael Jackson's top hits of 1975?

Actually, it's just not Michael Jackson during that time. He's actually with the rest of the Jackson 5 who made this album: Album Title: Moving Violation Title: Forever Came Today Moving Violation (You Were Made) Especially For Me Honey Love Body Language (Do The Love Dance) All I Do Is Think Of (MORE)

When was Michael Jackson's first hit song?

His first big hit with The Jackson 5 was "I Want You Back" in 1969, which hit #1. As a solo artist, his first song was "Got To Be There" in 1971 which hit an impressive #4, but the next year, his song "Ben" reached #1.

What is the difference between Michael Jackson's This Is It and Selections from Michael Jackson's This Is It?

Michael Jackson's This Is It is the full soundtrack of the movie, of the same name, containing 2 discs. The first disc is composed of 14 previously released songs that were performed by Michael Jackson in the "This Is It" rehearsals and two versions of the previously unreleased "This Is It". The se (MORE)

How many number one hits were on Michael Jackson's album Thriller?

Out of the seven songs released as singles of of the Thrilleralbum, FOUR of them reached number one on theBillboard charts: The Girl Is Mine Billie Jean Beat It Thriller The other three songs from the album released as singles were: Wanna Be Startin' Somethin Human Nature P.Y.T. (Pretty (MORE)

What were Michael Jackson's measurements?

head:23 collar:14 across front:15 across back:16 chest:35 waist:29 and a half hips:35 adn a half sleeve:35 upperarm:11 weist:7 girth 1:25 girth 2:60 thigh:19 and a half knee:15 calt:13 ankle:11 back to waist:19 wack to seat:29 and a half back to knee:41 back to floor:62 waist to knee:22 waist to flo (MORE)

Why did Michael Jackson's doctor disappear?

He didn't actually disappear, he left the hospital not too long after Michael was pronounced dead, the next day when he knew the police wanted to talk to him he showed up.

What were Michael Jackson's personality traits?

2 of his major traits were Shy and giving Michael Jackson's character traits-He is a famous pop singer aka King Of Pop. He is very nice to children and likes to be a good father of three. He made his own backyard to a fair.-Nice,rich, enjoyable and famous.

What was Michael Jackson's specialty?

Michale Jackson was considered the King of pop, so writing and singing music. BUT is equally famous or even more so, for dancing. his speciality? The Moon Walk ;)

What was Michael Jackson's school experience?

In many interveiws he said him and his brothers went to tutoring atleast 3 hours each day. The rest was recording/practicing songs. He liked art classes and language. He was great at writing stories to. Hope this helped!

What is Michael Jackson's information about his disease?

he has vitiligo which changes the pigment of ones skin and they have a choice of leaving the light spots or bleching or whatever Michael did... at first he tried to cover it up butit got worse to the point his skin color was changed...

How about Michael Jackson's childhood?

MichaelJackson never had a child hood at a very young age his father decided that all of his sons were to be in a band called the Jackson 5 then they did a t.v. show Michael was lead singer so he was covered by paparazzi and never was normal and that was why he was well different

What were the names of Michael Jackson's tours?

With his brothers; The Jackson 5 First National Tour The Jackson 5 US Tour The Jackson 5 US Tour (again) The Jackson 5 European Tour The Jackson 5 World Tour Interim Tour Destiny Tour Triumph Tour Victory Tour As a solo artist; Bad World Tour Dangerous World Tour HIStory World Tour

What were Michael Jackson's sibilings?

Maureen Reillette Brown (rebbie) sigmund esco (Jackie) toriano adaryll (tito) Jermaine la jaune latoya yvonne marlon david steven randall (randy) Janet damita Jo

What are Michael Jackson's best accomplishments?

Michael Joseph Jackson has so many accomplishments it is hard to pinpoint just a few, he got an award from Ronald Reagan for helping create an ad against drunk driving. He also scooped up 15 grammys in his lifetime, 8 of which were for thriller, he was a HUGE humanitarian and all he ever did was hel (MORE)

What were Michael Jackson's significant achievements?

He sold over 110 million albums from Thriller, and the best selling remix album from HIStory Past, Present and Future in the Mix. He has the best selling single. The best video clip of all time The greatest entertainer of all time He broke MANY world records and sold over 750 MILLION copie (MORE)

What did Michael Jackson's parents do?

Before he was famous, his dad was a steel mill employee, and hismother had a part time job at Sears. Later, his dad was manager forthe Jackson 5. Afterwards, his father was involved in variousunsuccessful business ventures. Occasionally, he would make a smallprofit, however. His mother has not been (MORE)

Is Michael Jackson's father nice?

It is debatable but Michael has said in interviews that his father beat him regularly as a child. So i dont think that he was a nice man at all.

What was Michael Jackson's first hit before Motown?

The Jackson 5 only recorded one single from Steeltown in 1968, one year before they went to Motown, called "Big Boy". The Jackson 5 recorded two 45 rpm records for Steeltown as follows: Big Boy - 1967 Steeltown 681 You've Changed - 1967 Steeltown 681 We Don't Have To Be Over 21 (To Fall In Love) (MORE)

What were Michael Jackson's top 10 hits?

We'll go album by album (solo only) as far as the American Charts go: Got To Be There: Got To Be There (#4) Rockin' Robin (#2) Ben: Ben (#1) Music & Me and Forever, Michael : none :( Off The Wall: Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough (#1) Rock With You (#1) Off The Wall (#10) She's Out Of My (MORE)

How many hit singles from michael jackson's bad?

Seven. The singles and the chart performances; I Just Can't Stop Loving You (#1) Bad (#1) The Way You Make Me Feel (# 7) Man in the Mirror (# 1) Dirty Diana (# 1) Smooth Criminal (# 7) Leave Me Alone (#2) The other two singles from the album didn't make into the Top Ten; Liberian Girl (#13) Anoth (MORE)

What were Michael Jackson's hits from the 1990s?

Here are some of MJ's more memorable hits from the 1990's From 1991's Dangerous: -Black Or White (which hits number one and contains a controversial short film) -Remember The Time -Heal The World (famously performed during the 1993 Super Bowl) -Will You Be There (Theme for the movie "Free Wi (MORE)