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Which of the ancient Sumerians' technological achievements do you think has been most influential in history and why?

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i think it was the cuneiform because it teaches you a whole different kind of communication and ur teachers have been talking about it right??? hope this helps!!!!!!!!!! ( You probably should have told hime more information about cuneiform)

I beg to differ.

The Sumerians progressed from the typical stone age to a age of metals which is where they discovered the use of metal.
Which means the found out how to make better and more stronger weapons, tools, jewellery and cooking appliances ( saucepans)
With out this age of metals we would have proper building structure's, weapons, tools ( hammers ect), Kitchen appliances ( Forks, knives ect.)
The Sumerians were one of the first to use metal whereas all civilisations used writing.
Hope i helped :P
( All this information was supplied by a year 9 History student. How's that make you fell xD)
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