Which of the leaders helped free both Chile and Peru?

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In Peru
Bernardo O'Higgins, Jose de Martin, Simon Bolivar
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What do teens do in their free time in Peru?

Free Time in Peru Go to the beach, go surfing, talk on the phone, go to clubs and dance, go hiking, go to archaeological sites. We also go on adventures with friends around Peru, and we play games at the beach. Play WI, talk by telephone all day, join friend groups to chat.... If they are in the ru (MORE)

What is in Peru?

Peru is a country off the central pacific coast of south america.It is in the southern hemisphere.

Where is Peru?

The Republic of Peru is a country which is located in South America. It shares its border with Ecuador and Colombia on the north, on the east with Brazil, on the south with Chile, on the southeast with Bolivia and on the west with the Pacific Ocean. According to the CIA World Factbook, the geo (MORE)

What is Peru?

Peru is the Republic of Peru is a country in western South America.It is bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east byBrazil, on the southeast by Bolivia, on the south by Chile, and onthe west by the Pacific Ocean. Peruvian territory was home to theNorte Chico civilization, one of th (MORE)

Who is the leader of Chile today?

As of June 2014 the current leader of Chile is President MichelleBachelet. She took office in March of 2014 and will serve fouryears.

Who is the leader in Chile?

Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria is a Chilean politician who hasbeen President of Chile since March 11, 2014.

What woman helped conquer Chile?

As I read it was a spaniard woman from Extramadura, Spain. Her name was Ines Suarez, who came first to Panama, then to Peru and after through the desert arrived to the valley where founded the city which now is known as Santiago with the conqueror Pedro de Valdivia.

Neighbor to both peru and venezuela?

There are at least two nations that are next door neighbors to Peruand Venezuela. They are Brazil and Columbia. Columbia sits directlybetween the two nations.

Who are examples of free rein leaders?

Annelies Marie Frank or Ann for short was a laissez-faire leader because she didn't tell people what to do or gave people special guidelines to follow. She would let people do as they please and she didn't influence the group of people living with her in hiding. She was also passive which makes her (MORE)

Why did US leaders promote both international trade and free enterprisE?

American advisers thought the depression had been overly severe because countries cut back on trade. They believed that when nations seal themselves off economically, it forces them to go to war to get the resources they need. By 1945, President Roosevelt and his advisers were convinced that economi (MORE)

Why animals are used as beasts of burden carry heavy stuff in Peru and Chile?

Pack animals have been used traditionally around the world. "Beasts of Burden" had a negative conantation to it but many working animals become restless and unhappy if not put to use. Cars and other mechanical methods can become very expensive with lofty buy prices, gas and repairs. And no matter ho (MORE)

Who were the leaders for the civil wars on both sides?

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States during the Civil War, Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy, Ulysses S. Grant was the Union General, and Robert E. Lee was the Confederate General

Do the Andes mountains run through Ecuador Peru Bolivia and Chile?

yes, actually the Andes run through 7 countries Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, These are known as the Andean states. yes the Andes mountains do run through Ecuador. they also run through venezuala Columbia ecudor Peru Bolivia Chile and Argentina

Who was both a big band leader and singer?

g-dragon or GD or Kwon Ji-Yong. He recently released a new album called Heartbreaker on August 19th, 2009. I saw his new music video Heartbreaker from allKoreanGossip.com and it is so awesome!

Who were the secondary leaders for both sides?

This information came from Wikipedia under the Heading of World War 2. . Allied leaders Joseph Stalin Georgy Zhukov Franklin D. Roosevelt Dwight D. Eisenhower Douglas MacArthur Winston Churchill Chiang Kai-shek and others . Axis leaders Adolf Hitler Hermann Göring Hirohito Hid (MORE)

Who leaders of the Battle of Stalingrad on both sides?

The Battle of Stalingrad was the bloodiest in modern history, with combined casualties estimated at nearly two million.. In July 1942, General Friedrich Paulus, the commander of the 6th Army, was ordered by Adolph Hitler to capture the city of Stalingrad. General Georgi Zhukov was personally select (MORE)

What kind of leader does Chile have?

The country of Chile has a President for its leader. As of 2014 thecurrent President is Michelle Bachelet. Presidents can serve forfour years.

What neighbor to both Peru and Venezuela?

The neighbors to both Peru and Venezuela are Colombia and Brazil.Columbia sits in between both countries and Brazil sits to the eastof Peru and to the south of Venezuela.

Peru-Chile Trench and Andes Mountains?

Subduction of nazca plate beneath TE south American plate since nazca plate is an oceanic plate, which means it is more dense than the south American plate, which is continental. Oceanic plates have 3.0g/cm^3 of density. Continental have 2.8g/cm^3 of density. Denser plate always sinks beneath less d (MORE)

Who was the leader of Chile in 1817?

Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme was the leader of Chile in 1817, as Supreme Director of Chile. The 1817´s election of the leader of Chile (Supreme Director of Chile), this was the first designation of authority of this independent nation; not withstanding the election of the First National Congress (MORE)

Who was the leader to bring independence Panama Columbia Bolivia Ecuador Peru and Venezuela?

The military and political career of Simón Bolívar , (July 24, 1783 - December 17, 1830), which included both formal service in the armies of various revolutionary regimes and actions organized by himself or in collaboration with other exiled patriot leaders during the years from 1811 to 18 (MORE)

Who were the leaders for both confederate and union?

Abraham Lincoln was the president during the Civil War, so he could be seen as the leader of the Union. Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States so he could be seen as the leader of the Confederates.

How did Jose de san martin declare chile and Peru independent?

Well he made independence for La Plata which also helped hime leave Spain to fight with Argentinian soldiers because he did not agree with Spains ethics. This is 100% true because I am a history teacher and I have my Masters and PhD in Social sudies, so you can say that you can count on this answer! (MORE)

Why did Chile attack Peru?

During the early conflicts prior to the War of the Pacific, Peru sought to negotiate a peaceful diplomatic solution between Bolivia and Chile. Despite Peru had a secret defensive alliance with Bolivia, Peru did not declare war on Chile even after Chile had invaded the Bolivian port of Antofagasta. W (MORE)