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What colour is thes sun?

I personally think that it is a firery yellow orange, in pictures of things like google it looks really orange. Did you know that the sun had spots?!

How do you say who's thes in french?

Thes is not an English word. If you mean "who's this ?" it is Qui est-ce ? When answering the telephone - C'est qui a l'appareil ? or, if caller is asking to speak to someone (MORE)
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What thes pacu fish eat?

They eat: - Fish flakes - Algae wafers - Carrots - Lettuce - Plain nuts - Snails - Shrimp - Small bits of cooked chicken - Peas - Fruits

How many words can you make thes letters itybarkey?

4-letter words abet, abri, abye, aery, airt, airy, arty, bait, bake, bare, bark, bate, beak, bear, beat, beta, bier, bike, birk, bite, brae, brat, bray, brie, brit, byre, b (MORE)

Why is thes Scrooge so mean?

The name "Scrooge" is a variation of an obscure English verb: "toscrouge" or "to scruze." The verb originally was "to squeeze" or "to press." T Dickens chose the name "Scrooge (MORE)
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What does thes nuts mean?

Its just a funny video that was posted, from what I know of it doesn't really mean anything