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Which of these facts are probably true of Hawkeye?

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He is of European descent.
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What is the most probable Gaara pairing to come true?

  Well that really depends, who he's interacted with, who he's interested in/with, who he's friends with. That person has to be someone he knows is worthy, strong, respect

Who is Hawkeye?

Hawkeye is a surgeon in the tv series M*A*S*H   His full name is Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce

What are facts about true love?

Answer   It is unselfish, unwavering, it just happens - you can't change it. If you are separated from your true love for a long length of time you don't just go and find

True facts about Nick Jonas?

  I know its alot but here it is   * Nick was in a Chuckie E. Cheese commercial when he was younger.  * Nick received a dog on his 16th birthday. He named it Elvis. 

Is fact always true?

Well, that depends. :) If it really is a fact, then yes... but people sometimes think that things are facts and they really aren't, so people argue about things like that. I

What are the true facts about September 11th?

In 2001, September 11th a jet hit one of the Twin towers. People paniced. A few people that were stranded in the building jumped out of the windows. Then another air craft hit

What is a hawkeye?

Hawkeye has two traditional meanings which are somewhat related. (1) most excellent and clear vision, similar to the visual acuity of the raptors... (2) the highest title of m

True facts about Lisbeth Trickett?

Lisbeth Trickett is from Australia. She was born January 28, 1985.  Trickett is known for her achievements swimming, and has received  the Olympic gold metal for the country
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What are the true facts about evolution?

The single true fact about evolution, and the only real one required, is that it happened. We can see this in the fossil record, see leftovers in genetic material (most easily