What are hazardous and non hazardous batteries?

Anything that can hold an electric charge can be hazardous if the positive and negative terminals aren't protected against shorting. Secondly, if damaged in any way (usually a (MORE)

Are explosives an example of chemical hazards?

Yes, some explosives are chemical hazards, but not necessarily because they can explode. To be more clear, the category of "chemical hazard" has no bearing on whether or n (MORE)

Is the volcano Nyamuragira explosive or non explosive?

It doesn't matter if a volcano is known for being explosive or not. They're not always explosive, every time has a different amount of explosivity, amount of magma, ejected, w (MORE)

What is the term hazardous and non hazardous?

The term "hazardous" is used to refer to any material, condition, or situation that could cause injury, illness, environmental damage, death, or property damage. The term " (MORE)

Is Loihi volcano explosive or non explosive?

Loihi is generally not explosive as it produces basaltic lava. Since the vent is still under water it mainly produces pillow basalts. As the growing seamount reaches the ocean (MORE)