Which one component in a high end gaming computer is likely to draw the most poer?

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There's generally two answers to this, but the single most important component is the graphics processor. The central processor is also incredibly important.
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Why high humidity can be damaging to computer components?

At high humidity you can get condensation which can short circuit things and corrode components.

Which computer component is most critical and why?

CPU- is the critical component in a digital computer that processes data by executing instructions that are contained in computer programs. Source: Intro to CIS by Steinber

What is the most important component of a computer?

The central processing unit, or CPU. But to be useful you also need working memory (RAM), mass storage devices and at least one output device. Input devices are optional in th

Is the most complicated component in a computer?

The CPU is arguably the most complicated component inside of a computer, with modern processors having over 2 billion transistors stuffed into the space of an over-sized posta

Which one component in a high en gaming computer is likely to draw the most power?

Usually the graphic cards will draw the most power when in use. Peek usage will cause them to really amp up their draw and when they are idle (as in just doing a basic desktop