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Which pH can basil grow at?

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Can Basil grow on the Moon?

No.There is no water, CO2 or nutrients for it. Also, it is too hot and too cold at intervals. It doesn't have a hope of surviving!

Do basil seeds grow in cotton?

Yes it can,just water some cotton,let it drip out,put a cotton  about 2-3 cm inside a plastic see trough cup,put the basil seeds on  top,don't cover it,put 1-2 seeds and cov

What is the best climate to grow basil?

A Mediterranean is best for growing basil because basil grows better in warm areas and is very sensitive to the cold. It originated in India which is in the East. India is ver

Can basil grow high?

  Depending on the variety basil can grow as high as 24". Some dwarf varieties only grow to a few inches in height. It's important to keep the blooms picked to prevent the

When should you grow basil?

anytime of the year. i find it grows better indoors, as long as you  care for it and water it. outside, grow it in spring when its not  too hot or cold
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What nurtients does basil need to grow?

Basil likes a moist, semi fertile, tilled soil. Garden compost works well when planting out doors mix in with your regular garden soil. If you don't have access to compost a s