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Which planet roughly the same size of earth has its own atmosphere?

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How is atmosphere of earth is different from the other planets?

Earth is the only known planet to have significant amounts of free oxygen in its atmosphere. Also, it's the only planet in our solar system where nitrogen is the main gas in t

What is the atmosphere on planet earth?

This comprises the following layers: troposphere stratosphere mesosphere thermosphere exosphere The boundaries between them are: Tropopause Stratopause mesopause th

How is the size of a planet related to the thickness of its atmosphere?

Mainly, the mass of a planet doesn't matter, considering many  planets are made up of gas, and how in different situations,  atmospheres can be destroyed (The Sun burnt off

Which planet has the most similar atmosphere to Earth?

Venus Venus is sometimes regarded as Earth's sister planet. In some ways they are very similar: Venus is only slightly smaller than Earth (95% of Earth's diameter, 80% of Ear

How is the size of the planet related to the thickness of its atmosphere?

The amount of gravitational pull helps determine the gases that can form an atmosphere around a large body in space. So the mass of an object also determines the density of th