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Which shape of the moon will you never see during daytime?

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Why do you never see the back side of the moon?

This is because the rotation of the moon is equal to it's orbit around the earth. That is: it takes the moon 28 days to make a full orbit around the earth, and 28 days to make

What phase will you never see during daytime after sunrise and before sunset?

The Full Moon is opposite the Sun in the sky and therefore it rises as the Sun sets and sets as the Sun rises. (Actually, near the Earth's poles in summer, you can see the Ful

What color is the sky of the moon during the daytime?

Answer   Black. The reason behind is the moon has very low gravity. Because of this it has an atmosphere so thin as to be almost negligible, with a total atmospheric mass

Why is the sun the only star that you usually see during the daytime?

  When the Sun's light hits the atmosphere of the Earth from an angle, the light is refracted or "bent", scattering the light throughout the atmosphere. The refracted blue

What are the diff shapes of the moon you see from earth?

Here are the names of the moon phases in sequential order: New moon (not visible from earth) Waxing crescent First quarter Waxing gibbous Full moon Waning gibbous

Why can we sometimes see the moon in the daytime?

Two important things are happening here. First, the moon orbits the earth once every lunar cycle. You would notice this if you were able to observe the earth and moon from hig

Why can you see the moon in the daytime?

  Answer     Because it doesn't matter if it is night or day - light from the sun is reflected off the moon to your eyes. The surface of the moon is very light

What are the different shapes of the moon you see from the earth?

The different shapes are called phases. New MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonLast QuarterNew Moon phases New moon [not visible], waxing crescent [growing crescent shape], first qu

How can we see the moon during daylight?

 The Earth rotates around it's own axis every 24 hours.   The side of the Earth which faces the Sun is considered day.    The moon roughly revolves around the Ea

What do you see during a full moon?

Considering that the full moon is sometimes bright enough to read by, you can see a lot during a full moon. Some vintners harvest their more sensitive grapes at night by moonl