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Which sport has the most injuries per year hockey or football?

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Is hockey the most expensive sport?

For kids' sports, it is. Polo, F1 racing, golf, NASCAR racing,  sailing are the most expensive overall.

Is hockey the most dangerous sport or gymnastics?

well, i would say gymnastics is more dangerous b/c it is more likely you would mess up in gymnastics then in hockey. in gymnastics you cold mess one of your tricks up very eas

Why is hockey the most popular sport in Canada?

  There are a number of reasons. Hockey was "invented" and first organized in Canada in the 1890's.Over the years hockey has become more than a sport in Canada; it has bec

What joint is most susceptible to sports injuries?

It would depend entirely on the sport itself. Not only that, but positional responsibilities within a sport may be a key factor. Rugby players for example would be far more su

What is the most common sports injury?

The top ten are: 1. Muscle Pull 2. Neck Pain 3. Shoulder Impingement 4. Lower Back Strain 5. Tennis Elbow 6. Runner's Knee 7. Shin Splints 8. Ankle Sprain 9.
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Which kids sport has most injuries?

Basketball- More than half a million kids went to the ER in just one year with injuries sustained playing hoops. Damage to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is a common