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Which type of people did Hitler target?

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Jews, Gypsies, the disabled, the homeless, and political opponents.
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Why did Hitler specifically target young people?

He targeted young people mainly because, all this was going on after the WWI and so many of the soldiers had died. So therefore if he targeted youth he would have many more so

What type of people did Hitler not like?

He did not like jews, so he put them into concentration camps and gassed them. He only like a certain race of people with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Why did Hitler target people with disabilities?

Hitler targeted people with disabilities because they were "unfit" fit for society and he wanted people that were perfect "Aryans" to set a good example of what the future wou

What kinds of people did hitler not target?

German people and Aryan people who's german

What other groups of people did Hitler target?

Anyone unlike him. He believed that the Germans were the master race on the earth and all others were inferior. Especially: Jews, English, French.... He even had a perfect