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Which united nations organisation celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2005?

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Next year marks the 60TH anniversary between two parts of what formerly united Asian country?

North Korea and South Korea. China sent troops (and the Soviet Union gave substantial support) to aid the North, while the U.S. led a United Nations force to defend the South.

Is there a color scheme for a 60th anniversary?

Diamond White is normally the colour associated with a 60th wedding anniversary. The 60th Anniversary Gemstone is Diamond and the 60th Anniversary Color is Diamond white.

What is the name for the 60th anniversary?

  Its called a 'diamond jubilee'. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jubilee

What are the objectives of the United Nations organisation?

1. strengthening international cooperation for development.    2. promoting development based on a integrated approach.    3. To provide acceptance of and respec

Why do you celebrate United Nations day?

we celebrate united nations so we can keep world peace and to honor when the continets joined united nations.