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Which universal force is responsible for creating a star?

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That would be gravity.
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What force is responsible for the big bang?

We don't know what was responsible for the big bang. Four of the fundamental forces we are familiar with decoupled from one another afterwards. The first force to split off wa

What is the market forces and organizational response?

I think this is part if not the answer your looking for. I found this as i was reading and studying for my class: Principles of marketing. Marketing environment consists of ex

Where in the universe is there no force?

  Answer   As a layman my thought is that there is no place anywhere in the universe that is free from force. Even in the remotest reaches of inter-galactic space, an

What force do scientists think were responsible for clumping matter together to form the first stars after the big bang?

Matter comes together to form stars under the force of gravity.  Gravity is a force that causes all objects to attract each other  with different amounts of force depending

Why did God create billions of stars planets and universes?

The Bible says that God created all things as a way of revealing  Himself to mankind:   Romans 1:20 Ever since God created the world, his invisible  qualities, both his