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Where were woman buried in ancient Egypt?

Funerary practices varied over different dynasties- in the period of Cleopatra, bodies, including the Royals, were cremated ( they had a wake first- or Lying In state) the Cle (MORE)
In Italy

Was Jesus buried in Italy?

No. the apostles Peter and Paul were buried in Italy - St Peter in the Vatican in Rome under the main altar of St Peter's basilica, and St Paul under the altar of St Paul's ba (MORE)

How did ancient Greeks bury the dead?

There were steps to the final resting place of the dead: 1. The Prothesis-the display of the body 2. Funerary Feast 3. The Ekphora-the funeral procession 4. Building the Funer (MORE)

Do volcanos bury plants and animals?

Yes, some volcanic eruptions can bury plants and animals. Eruptions such as the famous, documented eruption of Krakatoa generate pyroclastic clouds that obliterate everythin (MORE)

What is the volcano that buried the city of Pompeii?

Mount Vesuvius is the famous volcano that buried the city ofPompeii in ash in 79 A.D. Mount Vesuvius is considered to still be active but the eruptionssince that time have no (MORE)