Which wall vent do you open in the winter is it the top or bottom?

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The bottom, heat rises.
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The bottom half of rear door hatch will not open on your 99 suburban Top latch is ok but bottom feels like it is stuck was working okany help would be appreciated?

Answer . Mine started doing this, too. It appears to be an alignment problem with the locking mechanism. For now, continue to keep the key turned in the lock and lift the tailgate handle. Also, you can see inside the tailgate, to the right of the latch, a bracket and spring. Push this down sligh (MORE)

I have a 2006 dodge mega cab 3500 turbo diesel when you fill it up to the bottom of the fill neck it pours out the rollover vent on the top of the tank?

You should contact your dealer. There is probably a check valve not working. You should not fill the tank that full. It is designed to quit filling when the pump shuts off, never top off. Update by Hookshot 091105 The fuel should NEVER run out the rollover vent when you fill the tank to the top of (MORE)

Air Conditioner blows out top and bottom but will not blow air through vents on 1991 Buick Park Ave?

My wife's 1994 Park Avenue Ultra had both the defrost-only and the warm-on-one side problems. The former turned out not to be the actuator, nor the control unit. There are two vacuum operated actuators, the one you can see that's attached to the vent-box where the heater air comes out, which has two (MORE)

Should vents on crawl space be open on a house during winter?

ANSWER: . No. They should be shut to create a pocket of ambient air. This will make your floors warmer to your feet in the winter and not make your heater have to run harder because of the additional heat loss. They are meant to be open in the spring, summer and fall to allow any humidity to evap (MORE)

A ladder long rests against a vertical wall If the top of the ladder slides down at a rate of how fast is the bottom of the ladder sliding away when the bottom of the ladder is away from the wall?

If h is vertical height, b=horizontal distance from wall to bottom of ladder and l=lenght of ladder,we can say lsquared = hsquared + b squared. Now differentiate w.r.t. time t. 2l*dl/dt= 2h* dh/dt + 2b*db/dt =0 However this solution doesn't give exactly the same answer when one solves the problem ge (MORE)

Air blow on top not in air vent?

You have a vaccuum leak. Check all the little (brittle?) plastic tubes running from you manifold, to all the canisters and such. The defog door is held closed by strong vaccuum. A leak will let the door cycle to defrost, and stay there.

Is a vent at the top of a volcano?

If the volcano is active, there may be vents around the volcano as well as on top. A vent is where volcanic material (lava, steam, ash) is being released.

What does the vent on the top of the parachute do?

The vent on top of the parachute helps air go through. If you didn't have a vent at the top you would be floating in the same place. The vent makes the parachute go down slowly but not fast enough to where you would drop.

What does the vent on top of the parachute do?

Firstly there are two types of parachutes, the old fashion "roundies" and the modern ram air square chutes. I presume that the hole in the top of round parachutes creates an airflow through the canopy during deployment (opening) which reduces the chances of a malfunction during this critical phase. (MORE)

What has a bottom as a top?

Examples of things that have a top and a bottom are: . Your legs . a box . a building . a mountain . a bottle . a staircase . a garment . a test tube . a page . a vehicle . a tree . a hole in the ground

Is the neutron the top or bottom number?

For a given isotope of an element, the "top number" (e.g. 14 C or carbon-14) is the atomic mass number, the total of neutrons and protons. The bottom number, if displayed, is the atomic number (e.g. 6 C all isotopes of carbon have 6 protons). To find the number of neutrons, subtract the atomic n (MORE)

What does bottom or top mean in sex?

It's usually used in reference to gay relationships and reflects who is dominant and who is passive. A "top" is the dominant member, and the "bottom" is the passive. It may also refer to who takes which position in a sexual encounter.

What has a bottom on its top?

ure momma------ A Mr. Potato Head. Technically everything on it is its top and the pouch it considered it bottom so a Mr. Potato Head has a bottom on its top! TAY TAY RULES No. Tay Tay doesn't rule because you're wrong. LEGS actually have a bottom on it's top.. lolll

What is the top number what is the bottom number?

If you are asking about the numbers shown on elements the larger of the two numbers is the Mass Number ( the number of protons and neutrons added together) and the smaller number is the Atomic or Proton Number (the number of protons) Top and bottom are also properties of Quarks along with Up & Down (MORE)

What is a single wall vent?

Directly relates to vent piping on gas appliances. Single wall means one pipe,as compared to two wall piping, a pipe inside a pipe. The reason being an air gap between the two walls acts as an insulator to prevent the hot flue gasses from burning the touch or combustable materials.

How do you do a brick wall question in maths where there are 3 numbers at the bottom and then 2 numbers at the middle and then 1 number at the top?

The answer will depend on how many bricks there are, and also on which bricks are numbered and which are not.. The answer will depend on how many bricks there are, and also on which bricks are numbered and which are not.. The answer will depend on how many bricks there are, and also on which brick (MORE)