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cherry, walnut, oak
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Hickory wood hard or soft wood?

Hickory is classified as a hardwood tree because it is a non monocot angiosperm. That is: the hickory tree reproduces with flowers. Hickory also happens to be one of the har

What determines a hard wood from soft wood?

The idea of 'hardwood'/'softwood' is a little confusing. Since many 'hardwoods' are softer than some 'softwoods'! What's the difference? Hardwoods are any deciduous tree that

How hard is balsa wood?

Balsa wood is very soft and floats very well -- a great wood for making model boats and other models as well.

Is beech wood soft or hard wood?

It's a Hardwood. The terms Hardwood and Softwood have no great value, and instead one should be speaking of Angiosperms or Gymnosperms, - generally the conifers, and the broad

What woods are hard woods?

Examples of hard woods are: White Ash Green Ash Cypress Gum Hickory Locust Lignum Vitae Hard Maple White Maple White Oak Live Oak Red Pine Yellow Pine

Is sapele a soft or hard wood?

Sapele is a beautifully figured wood that looks similar to Philippine mahogany. It is a hardwood and is among the five hardwoods being the hardest.

Is asp a hard wood?

An asp is a venomous snake. If you are looking for a hardwood tree variety, it is ash. It is typically very light colored buff or off white. It is not as hard or heavy as oak.

What type of wood is hard to burn?

Softwoods such as spruce, pine and fir will ignite easily and will give off considerable heat, but will also burn up very quickly and will throw lots of sparks from the sap en

What is the different to hard wood to soft wood?

Hard wood Hard wood comes from a tree that looses it's leaves in the winter, the tree grows alot slower, the wood contains alot less moisture with the wood replacing what woul