While i was updating my iPod touch 3rd Generation to os 4.0 and it said an error had occurred and stayed on the updating screen and won't do anything?

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Wait till it runs out of batteries then plug it back in and follow the on screen instructions
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How do you update iPod touch?

When you plug your ipod in to your PC or Mac, open itunes and if there is a update for the ipod it should tell and ask you whether to update and install.

How do you update your iPod touch?

open itunes,plug ipod in,look on the left side and there should be your ipod's name,then click it's name then click summary then click update.

How do you update games on iPod Touch?

Ok I'll give you an example say I was going to buy a moshling game so I bought it now I check back a week later if there is an update click on update then repeat the stuff you did when you bought it. (add me on moshi monsters hello-poppets-rule)

How do you update your iPod touch for free?

by plugging it into the computer, opening itunes, and then it will tell you whether or not you have an update and it will give you the option to upgrade for FREE! all updates are free.

How do you delete an iPod touch update?

It was a software update, and you can't just simply delete software. The software is what is running the iPod Touch, so you can't just delete the software. What you can do is just download the earlier version from iTunes and reinstall that version.

How do you update iPod touch to 3g?

'3g' isn't an iPod Touch update. You can get the 3.0 software for the iPod Touch, however, by going onto iTunes and buying the software for $9.99 USD (United States Dollars), and then installing it via iTunes while your iPod is plugged into the computer. It will walk you through how to update it i (MORE)

Your Ipod touch 3g third generation is telling you to restore but when it starts the updating and restoring process it gives error 9006 unknown error connection is causing a problem what should you do?

Ok, i originally tried loads of stuff like not using any other internet program while the update downloads, but finally got through the problem by using a stable internet connection (not wireless) on a different computer, I also un-ticked the box on the bottom which says "allow simultaneous download (MORE)

How can you update jailbroken iPod touch?

if its already jailbroken than you will need to unjailbreak it (take the jailbreak off) then when its normal ;go to itunes go to and click update and cancel it because it will erase every thing than push shift+restore and it will update .then when its done install your jailbreak program:blackra1n, (MORE)

Why won't your iPod touch update to 3.1.2?

i bought the update. but whenever i try to update my ipod to it it says that my connection timed out. i tried reinstalling itunes but that didnt work. What should i do

Do you have to reboot your ipod touch after updating cydia?

you have to restart springboard. the easiest way to do this is but downloading SBSettings from cydia then after that's downloaded slide your finger across the top part of your itouch (do this from home screen or page that displays apps. both are the same) and a screen should come up that has a cou (MORE)

Which iPhone OS 4.0 features will be available on first generation iPod Touches and iPhones?

Slect what phone you have and what iOS version you want download the iOS software when the download finishes, open iTunes, make sure your iPhone is connected click on the tab where it shows your iPhone then where its says "Update" hold down the shift and click update simultaneous (AT THE SAM (MORE)

What does the iPod Touch 4.0 Update do?

The 4.0 update, which only works on 3rd generation iPod Touches, allows the iPod Touch to have the same multi-tasking capabilities as the iPhone 4, allowing the iPod Touch to run several apps simultaneously without having to keep relaunching an app.

How long does ipod touch update 4.0 take?

To update your iPod touch (4th generation), the current update is 4.3, it says that it takes approximately 3 - 4 hours. You may be best off updating it at night, and make sure that you plug in your computer. Hope this helps!!! Right now Im downloading mine and its been in for about and hour i thi (MORE)

Is there an iPod Touch jailbreak for OS 4.0?

Yes and No...it depends on what ipod touch you have. if you have the 3rd generation no. if you have the second generation you need to have the old boot rom. you can find all this out on youtube or twitter. if you want to send me a message follow me on twitter at reconjb.

My iPod Touch won't restore or update?

Have you ever put it into dfu mode, hold the home button and the power button at the same time while it is connected to your computer hope this helps!

How do you update an iPod touch without a computer?

You have to use a computer with iTunes to update an iPod Touch. You cannot update an iPod Touch wirelessly. I am another person from the person that wrote it above. i was just commenting...she's right you can't update is non-wirelessly. A lot of people think you can, but i never tried because i tho (MORE)

How do you update from first generation ipod touch?

What most people don't know is that Apple software is not compatible with the 64-bit Internet (Internet Explorer 8). You need to first get the 32-bit Internet, then connect your iPod touch to the computer with a sync cord. iTunes should pop up (you need to download it if you haven't already) and som (MORE)

Are iPod Touch app updates free?

im pretty sure most of them are but i honestly dont know. id say yes because its just an update, but if you buy like a demo of something and there is an update i wouldnt sudjust getting it because it may be the whole game. so if you want to get an update for an app go for it but be careful because (MORE)

How do you uninstall a update on an iPod touch?

If you press and hold the app you want to uninstall, that app together with all other apps will start to 'wobble' on screen. Within the square of the app to the top corner you will see a x. Tap the x and the app will come up asking you to delete that app, confirm that you do and that will remove the (MORE)

How do you update an iPod touch generation 4?

When you plug in your iPod to your computer or laptop with the connector provided when you purchase the iPod. It should prompt you that there is a newer version available for your iPod, before you update it make sure you back everything up becuase it will restore your iPod and you wil lose everythin (MORE)

How do you fix iPod touch ios 7 update loading screen?

If the iPod touch is stuck on the apple screen after updating to IOS 7, try turning it off for a few minutes if after turning it back on its still stuck you can try putting it in recovery mode and restoring it from back up. You do that by following these steps: \n\n1. Connect the iPhone's USB cable (MORE)