Who'd win a fight elephant or bear?

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An elephant would most likely win because of its superior size and it can also trample the bear to death. An elephant, especially a cow elephant with a young to protect, could even kill a huge pack of lions.
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Who'd win a fight Siberian tiger or polar bear?

It's a POLAR BEAR, the largest bear (alongside the omnivorous Alaskan brown bear the 'Kodiak bear'') and the largest land predator on earth. It can weight up to 1500 pounds, i

Who would win in a fight between an elephant and a polar bear?

It is highly likely that the elephant would win the fight. Elephants have thick, defensive hide and tons of muscles to protect itself from claws and teeth, which would make it

Who'd win a fight elephant or polar bear?

The elephant would most likely win. A polar bear would think for a long time before messing around with an elephant, no matter cow elephant or a bull elephant.

Who'd win a fight polar bear vs Kodiak bear?

Kodiak Bears are the largest subspecies of Brown Bears and are found only on the on Kodiak Island off the Southern coast of Alaska. These Bears grow so much bigger than other

Who'd win in a fight a penguin or a monkey?

well the penguin hasn't got much fighting prowess, basically just a beak, however the monkey has everything from a head to some feet so all in all i think it would be a draw.
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Which would win a fight a polar bear or an elephant?

The elephant would win. It has much larger muscles and thick skin to protect itself from the polar bear's claws and teeth. It also has a huge, powerful trunk that it can knock