Who are Brahma Kumaris?

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The answer to your question can be easily found by "googling" brahma kumaris or searching for it on www.wikipedia.org. Good luck.
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Who are the Sons of Brahma?

Brahma's mind born sons are the seers Marici, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratuj, Pracetas, Vashishta, Bhrgu and Narada. From Brahma's body came his nine sons Daksa, Dhar

What do Brahma Kumaris believe in?

They believe in self-realization through introspection and meditation.

What does Brahma carry?

he carries the vedas (holy scriptures) that represents almight power of Brahman and Brahma as he is the creator of worlds.

What is Renu Kumari?

It is a girl and only sister of Krishna Kumar Singh (Author of the book Life through the gathering storm)

How does Brahma have to do with Hindu?

Yes. Brahma is one of the Trimutri (Great Trinity). He is the God of Creation and is in the Trimutri with Shiva and Vishnu. Vishnu is said to be the 'Supreme Gods' as well

Who was Brahma in Hinduism?

According to Hindu Scriptures Lord Brahma was the creator ofmankind. He is one of the important God in Hindu trinity.