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Who are Dancing with the Stars past winners?

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1 Celebrity Kelly Monaco Professional Alec Mazo
2 Celebrity Drew Lachey Professional Cheryl Burke
3 Celebrity Emmitt Smith Professional Cheryl Burke
4 Celebrity Apolo Anton Ohno Professional Julianne Hough
5 Celebrity Helio Castroneves Professional Julianne Hough
6 Celebrity Kristi Yamaguchi Professional Mark Ballas
7 Celebrity Brooke Burke Professional Derek Hough
8 Celebrity Shawn Johnson Professional Mark Ballas
9 Celebrity Nicole Scherzeger Professional Derek Huff
10 Celebrity Jennifer Grey Professional Derek Huff
11 Celebrity Hines Ward Professional Kym Johnson
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List of winners on Dancing with the Stars?

Season 1 - Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo   Season 2 - Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke   Season 3 - Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke   Season 4 - Apolo Anton Ohno and Julian (MORE)

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Who was the winner of Dancing with the Stars 07?

Previous answer: Helio and Julianne New answer: Actually Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough won season 5. Season 7 winners were her brother, Derek Hough and his partner Broo (MORE)

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How much money does the winner of dancing with the stars make?

- Guaranteed $125,000 for appearing on show - An additional $10,000 per week for weeks 3 and 4 - An additional $20,000 per week for weeks 5-7 - An additional $30,000 per (MORE)

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Dancing with the Stars winner - season 9?

The Season 9 champion of Dancing with the Stars in the US was Showbiz Legend Donny Osmond. Donny's professional partner was Kym Johnson.
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