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Florida are the state in the south eastern us that is shaped like a giant wang
its full of hookers and old people

^^and that above is total bs
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In which state is Florida?

Florida City is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. In the state of confusion....

Retirement in Florida?

I live in Florida and it is a popular place to retire - just keep track of the occasional bad weather. When handling their retirement planning many people pick a place and age they would like to retire and Florida I believe cheaper than many places up North.

Are there swans in Florida?

Yes! I have one in my back yard. It just showed up and I am trying to find out how it got here. TA

Who owns Florida?

If you are a property owner in Florida, YOU do. The State of Florida owns State Land, such as the State Forests and the Capitol Building. The Federal Government owns Federal properties, such as the Okefenokee National Refuge, or the Osceola National Forest, or Eglin, Tyndall, or Patrick Air Force Bases. Corporations also own land in Florida, such as Disneyland.

What rhymes with Florida?

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What is a landmark of Florida?

There are numerous important landmarks in Florida. For example,Disney World, the old fort at St. Augustine, and the racetrack inDaytona are all famous Florida landmarks.

What are the landforms in Florida?

There is a lake, islands and the entire state of Florida is a peninsula. Plus there is a river that runs through northern Florida.

What products are from Florida?

Florida is a huge producer of fresh produce and flowers. During the winter months, Florida produces most of the domestic gladiola flower stems. Florida produces citrus fruit, tomatoes, exotic tropical fruit, and perishable lettuces.

What was the exploration in Florida?

Ponce De Leon was the first European to discover and exploreFlorida. On his first trip to areas that would include modern dayPuerto Rico as well as Florida, he found gold. Later he heardstories of a fountain of youth, dedicating the rest of his life tothe search.

Why is Florida special?

Florida known for orange .. and Orlando has the biggest ride ever .. and Florida has the biggest Disney world ever .. and its a very wonderful place for shopping

What is a town in Florida?

I will attempt to mention all the larger sized Floridian cities by population. There is Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Saint Petersburg, Melbourne, Hialeah, Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Leesburg, Tallahassee, and Daytona Beach.

How do you get to Florida?

you can fly, take a boat, drive, swim! depends where you are living. if you want directions, i have no answer because i don't no where u are from. hope this helps.

How did Florida get the name Florida?

Florida was named by Spanish conquistador Ponce de León, who was the first European to record its location, on April 2, 1513. He believed it to be a large island. He called it "La Florida" (flowery land) referring to the Easter season, which in Spanish is Pascua Florida.

From Orlando Florida to Bronson Florida?

It is 111.69 miles northwest of Orlando and requires an esimated driving time of 1 hour and 53 minutes.

How far is Florida Keys Florida from Melbourne Florida?

Key West to Melbourne is 332.85 miles and is a 5 hour and 58 minute drive. [Source: Mapquest]

Where are Florida panthers located in Florida?

Florida Panthers are usually in a large tract of land, that has many trees and is near a swampy area.

What can you do in Florida?

Many types of water activities including canoeing, kayaking, sailing, powerboating, water skiing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling. Fresh and salt water. See the Everglades. Visit Disney World and the many other theme parks in the Orlando area. Hike on the Florida trail. Take a cruise. The weather is mild, and near the ocean even the summers are nice. You can be outdoors in shorts and a t-shirt on all but a few days (today happening to be one of them) per year.

Where is tallehassee Florida to Florida?

Tallehassee is about 4 hours from pennsicola Florida. Which is about west of Tallehassee and if you keep going west on the panhandle of Florida you will end up in Alabama! So about 5 hours coming west from the Alabama border!

Why is Florida named Florida?

Florida was named by Spanish conquistador Ponce de Leon, who wasthe first European to record its location, on April 2, 1513. Hebelieved it to be a large island. He called it "La Florida"(flowery land) referring to the Easter season, which in Spanish is Pascua Florida.

Where in Florida is Florida State university?

Tallahassee, which is in the northern part of the state. They alsohave an online campus.

What is driving distance from Miami Florida to Florida city Florida?

The driving distance between Miami, FL and Florida City, FL is approximately 34 miles. The driving time would be approximately 40 minutes if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such as weather, road work, border crossings and rush hour traffic in urban areas.)

Where is the capital of Florida in Florida?

The capital, Tallahassee, is on the "panhandle" of the state in extreme north central Florida, north of Appalachicola Bay near the borders with Georgia and Alabama.

Is winter in Florida?

Winter is in Florida once a year but where i am right now, it is spring.

Why do you like Florida?

Florida is a great place if you ever look around its almost the number one tourist state in America

When was Florida colonized?

The first known European explorers came with Juan Ponce de León, who spotted Florida on April 2, 1513. In 1559, DonTristán de Luna y Arellano established a colony at current-day Pensacola.

What is the color of Florida?

Florida's state color is Orange. Resources come from yahoo questions that are answered by professionals. .

When did Florida become Florida?

President Tyler signed the bill admitting Florida as a state on March 3, 1845 after the Indian War.

Why does Florida have thunderstorms?

because its a hot state and... yeah i dunno why i answered this question - i dont know the answer... i guess im just a bored teenager

Does Florida has a mascot?

The University of Florida's Mascot is the Gator and Florida State's mascot is the Seminole... the state of Florida, i have no idea.

Are there orioles in Florida?

I have an Eastern Oriole that was getting nectar from my Passion Vines here in Central Florida ( Summerfield). Now that we have had a freeze I have a hummingbird feeder out for him along with orange slices and he has become a regular visitor.

Who divided Florida into West Florida and East Florida?

Britain divided Florida into West and East Florida in 1763 to make it easier to govern, making Pensacola the capital of West Florida (East Florida retaining its old capital of St. Augustine). In 1764 WF's (West Florida's) boundary was raised from the 31st parallel north to 32* 22' north latitude. Britain returned both Floridas to Spain in 1783, and then from 1783 to 1800 it was under Spanish control. West Florida's boundary became the 31st parallel again in 1798. From 1800 to 1803 it was under French control. In 1803 the US claimed West Florida as part of the Louisiana Purchase. In 1810 the Republic of West Florida was formed, only to be forcibly annexed that same year by the US. Spain relinquished its claims to West Florida in 1819 through the Adams-Onis Treaty, which also gave the US all of East Florida. From that point on it was part of the US. West Florida's west boundary was the Mississippi River, and its east boundary was the Apachiola River in present-day Florida. For more info on West and East Florida, chech out their respective Wikipedia articles.

What are Florida plants?

Could you be more specific. This question is to broad. Please rephrase and resubmit in order to get a clear answer to your question.

What are the states in Florida?

Well Florida is a state there are no states in Florida Florida. is a state.

Where can I get Cheerwine in Florida.?

You can buy glass bottled cheerwine in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa. Its hard to find but is available in most parts of the state. It is distributed by Florida Gourmet Beverage Sales.

Can you see Florida from the Florida keys?

The Florida keys are in Florida. But if you mean if you can see the mainland from the keys then no, you can't.

What is Florida in a Jeopardy answer?

Monday, July 5, 2010 Jeopardy Category U.S.States 600 Clue: Clearwater & Palm Beach are popular seaside resorts in this state answer: What is Florida see related links for this question and other Jeopardy Florida Categories, Clues , & Ansswers

Was there a tornado in Florida?

Yes. Tornadoes are actually fairly common in Florida. As of March 2, 2012 the most recent tornado to be confirmed in Florida was on January 27.

What people do in Florida?

People go to beaches, party, go snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing, go to theme parks (Disney World, which is far better than disney land in California, Universal studios, Busch gardens sea world, islands of adventure, rapids, wet and wild, lego-land, boomers, dinosaur world, fun spot action park,lion country safari, jungle island, fun city, silver springs, etc., in Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Riviera Beach, etc., go fishing in the best place to fish in the world (the keys), go shopping at some huge malls in major cities, go to zoos, st. Augustine watch movies, go to farmers markets/friday fest/sun fest/gasparilla day, tanning, explore museums and aquariums, gardening, rodeos, hunting, hiking, camping, boat riding, vacationing, and so much more.

Why is Florida awesome?

Florida is SO AWESOME because for exsample in Canada i here that it its cold in the winter but here in Florida , its warm all the time and theres no bugs its to warm !!

What things are there to do in Florida?

Florida is mostly the main place for vacation. You can go to Disney World,Beaches,or you can relax with your friends or family! :D :D :D

What is the landmass of Florida?

Florida is a peninsula, meaning it has water on 3 sides of its border. It was bought by the US from Spain.

How do you get to Hollywood Florida from Miami Florida?

Just take I-95 NORTH (20 miles) to Hollywood. Hollywood Blvd is off EXIT 20 on I-95.

Do Florida have earthquakes?

Although Florida is not very well known for siesmic activity it has been known to have shocks/tremors here and there.

What does Florida have there?

Florida has beaches, the Everglades, big cities, small towns, pretty much everything except mountains and deserts. --hot weather and sunny skies even when it's raining

Which is a bigger riverly Florida and Georgia or Florida and Florida State?

Florida and Georgia. These two are true rivals in the South Eastern Conference and always play each other in Jacksonville, Florida at a neutral site, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Florida State is also a big game because of both teams being in Florida, but FSU is a part of the ACC, therefore it does not have quite as much impact.

What part of Florida is the Florida Marlins from?

The Marlins play their home games (2011) at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens and are scheduled to move into a new stadium in Miami for the 2012 season.

How did Florida become Florida or how did Florida begin?

florida ws founded by the spanish leader Juan Ponce De Leon who was looking for the fountain of youth

Why is Florida clalled Florida?

its called florida because the spain i think named it La florida meaning the flower island so now it is florida because it is not a island like the spanish thought it was i might be wrong about this

Does Florida require a Florida veteranary license to practice in Florida?

No you simply have to write you own name with a crayon. That excluders about 99% of the population so well worth the training.

Why is Florida fishing important to Florida?

Florida is the number one hot place to fish you can catch way more fish here than anywhere else and i recommend you fish when there's a full moon out