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Hamas and Hezbollah are Arab Muslim Terrorist and Paramilitary Organizations. Hamas operates out of Syria and the Gaza Strip while Hezbollah operates out of Syria and Lebanon.

General Characteristics
The most common and identifiable Hamas terrorist action is the suicide bomber who blows himself up to take out some enemies as well as himself while Hezbollah and Hamas have increasingly used missiles and rockets. These organizations tell their membership that the fight in which they are engaged is part of the holy Islamic struggle of Jihad and anyone who opposes them is not properly guided. Therefore, Hamas and Hezbollah will identify what sect of Islam they belong to and whether or not they oppose the other sects. (Hamas is avowedly Sunni, but accepts Shiites because Iran provides most of its funding. Hezbollah is Shiite and does not recognize the validity of Sunni Islam.) Most Muslim terrorists wish to inspire fear in their enemies and therefore primarily attack civilians, considering them part of the enemy. Since Hamas and Hezbollah exist in countries with a weak internal support structure, in many cases they will use their own funds to build schools, parks, hospitals, and other social services in the communities they occupy. It provides goodwill with the local inhabitants and allows them to more effectively spread whatever messages they may wish to say. Finally, Hamas and Hezbollah have all actively engaged in elections (Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine) with their own political parties. If the governments formed after these elections were not desirable to these parties, they engaged in military actions to force the national government to capitulate to their desires. In the case of Hezbollah this created a violent stand-off in Beirut and in the case of Hamas, this prompted a Palestinian Civil War in Gaza and the West Bank.
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