Who are Ralph H. Baer's parents?

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Dena Whinston and James Baer
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Who were Ralph Waldo Emerson's parents?

Answer . Father was Reverand William Emerson (1769-1811), a prominent Federalist pastor, a Unitarian minister.. His mother was Ruth Haskins Emerson (1768-1853).

Who is Ralph schoenman?

Ralph Schoenman is an American left-wing activist who gained some notoriety in the 1960s while acting as the personal secretary of Bertrand Russell, the left-wing philosopher. He also was the acting secretary and chief fundraiser for the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. Before his death at 97 in (MORE)

Who is Ralph Wade?

Ralph Wade is a World Champion Auctioneer. He works with Superior Livestock Auction in Fort Worth, TX.

How did Ralph H Baer invent the brown box?

well he originaly was just a Manager at the Equipment Design division at Sanders Assioates Inc. THen one day started to realize this he wanted to incorperate a game that can be played on TV sets so after the brown box was made it took off from there but the brown box was his, Bill Harrison, Bill Rus (MORE)

Who is Ralph Ellison?

Ralph Ellison was an author and scholar who grew up in Oklahoma. Heis best-known for his book titled The Invisible Man.

Who is Ralph Underwager?

Ralph Underwager co-wrote two books, The Real World of Child Interrogations (1990) and Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse (1988). His work was heavily debated and was very controversial. His ideas have been contested in the scientific literature and in legal cases. His work concluded that most accusa (MORE)

What did Ralph waldo emersons parents do for a living?

Ralph Waldo Emersons father, Rev. William Emerson, was a Unitarian minister who had descended from a long line of ministers. He died on May 12, 1811 of stomach cancer.. It is unknown what Emersons mother did for a living at this time.

Who was Ralph bunch?

Ralph bunche was a noble peace prize winner born on august 7,1904. was also born into slavery. peace was needed!!!!

Why is Ralph afraid?

it depends on where in the story you are talking about. but mostly he is afraid because he is the only one who knows what is right, and he knows he is the only one too. inteligence comes with fear, because he would have been stupid not to be afraid. I don't care if you plagerize me on your book repo (MORE)

Ralph of the Waltons?

Ralph Waite played John Walton on the classic show "The Walton's."He was born in 1928 and died in February of 2014.

What rhymes with Ralph?

basically all the words that rhymes with elf so like itself myself Alf elf self herself himself

Where does Ralph get his weapons?

I don't think Ralph uses any weapons in lord of the flies. Jack uses weapons though. Jack and the other boys create spears from wood in the jungle. he has a pocket knife on him when the plane crashes on the island so he also has that with him through out the novel.

Is Ralph fat?

No. Ralph was actually quite fit. "You could see now that he might make a boxer...." (5). It was Piggy who was the fat one.

What is Ralph dilemma?

well Ralph has a few dilemmas. shelters need to be built, jack broke the rules and made his own tribe, the signal fire can't go out, littluns are scared about some "beastie", etc.

What does Ralph stand for?

In the novel Lord of the Flies , by William Golding, Ralph symbolizes orderly, law-governed society. From the first chapter of the novel when Ralph discovers, identifies and retrieves the conch, his character remains closely associated with the conch, which he uses to call the meetings on the platf (MORE)

Why is Ralph frustrated?

All of the other kids are playing except for Simon. Nobody is helping Ralph with the shelter.

Where did Ralph get a spear?

It was never fully explained how they managed to make spears, considering the fact that they are small boys with little outdoor experience.

How is Ralph rescued?

Ralph is running away from jack and his tribe and he gets to a clearing where a marine is there observing the out of control fire. Jack and his crew pop up and they all get rescued. .

What was Ralphs appearance?

Appearance: 'eyes that proclaimed no devil' 'mildness about his mouth' 'the boy with fair hair' 'bright excited eyes'

What education Does Ralph H baer have?

i think he had a great education i don't know if he went to school or not, but if Ralph Baer went to school what was the name of the school that Ralph Baer went to. He graduated from "American Television Institute of Technology" with a BS in Television Engineering in 1949.

Why does Ralph then runaway?

Ralph runs away because of his fear for his life. Jack has just murdered Piggy, teh symbol of reason and logic in this story. Ralph is obviously going to be afraid now that Jack has just killed a boy in front of him and the other boys

Who was Ralph Steiner?

Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925) was a philosopher and teacher who founded anthroposophy (anthropos meaning human and sophy meaning wisdom), which is a worldwide spiritual movement that seeks to apply a scientific approach to spiritual perception.

Is Ralphs a coperation?

The Ralph's Supermarkets stores? Ralph's Supermarkets is a division of Kroger, which _is_ a corporation. They own, among others, Food4Less and Dillon's.

What is a nickname for ralph?

The most frequent diminutive of Ralph is Ralphie -- which is my personal favorite. However, I do not see why Al or Alph (/Alf) could not be put to use.

Who is Ralph Cooper?

There was a Ralph Cooper who was the drummer for Air Supply duringtheir 80's heyday and for their "The Earth Is" album in 1991. Heplayed for Windchase (an Aussie band) in 1977.

What has the author Ralph H Blodgett written?

Ralph H. Blodgett has written: 'WordPerfect problem solver' -- subject(s): Word processing, WordPerfect (Computer file) 'Rapture!' -- subject(s): Second Advent 'Hard disk management for the IBM PC, PS/2 and compatibles' -- subject(s): Hard disk management, IBM Personal System/2 (Computer syste (MORE)

What has the author Ralph H Elliott written?

Ralph H. Elliott has written: 'Reconciliation and the new age' -- subject(s): Biblical teaching, Reconciliation 'The \\' -- subject(s): Dismissal of, History, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (U.S.), Old Testament scholars, Southern Baptist Convention

What has the author Ralph H Kilmann written?

Ralph H. Kilmann has written: 'Managing ego energy' -- subject(s): Employee morale, Employee motivation, Industrial Psychology, Organizational effectiveness, Self-esteem 'Beyond the quick fix' 'Making Organizations Competitive' 'Social systems design' -- subject(s): MAPS design technology, O (MORE)

What has the author Ralph H Schneck written?

Ralph H. Schneck has written: 'Cheerio and best wishes' -- subject(s): Correspondence, United States, American Personal narratives, American Aerial operations, Military Air pilots, World War, 1939-1945, United States. Army Air Forces, Biography

What has the author Ralph T H Griffith written?

Ralph T. H. Griffith has written: 'The Vedas' 'Specimens of old Indian poetry' -- subject(s): Translations into English, Sanskrit poetry, Sanskrit literature, Collections, Translations from Sanskrit, English poetry

What has the author Ralph H Stimson written?

Ralph H. Stimson has written: 'Ralph H. Stimson papers' -- subject(s): Opium trade, Military weapons, International agencies, International cooperation, Drug control, Opium Conference, Arms transfers, Weapons industry

What has the author Ralph H Johnson written?

Ralph H. Johnson has written: 'The administrator's guidance handbook' -- subject(s): Educational counseling 'Disorders of the autonomic nervous system' -- subject(s): Autonomic dysfunction, Autonomic nervous system, Diseases

What has the author Ralph H Magnus written?

Ralph H. Magnus has written: 'Documents on the Middle East' -- subject(s): Politics and government 'Afhanistan' -- subject(s): Communism, Islam and politics, Politics and government

What has the author Ralph H Wilpolt written?

Ralph H. Wilpolt has written: 'Geology and oil and gas possibilities of upper Mississippian rocks of southwestern Virginia, southern West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky' -- subject(s): Economic Geology, Geology, Geology, Economic, Geology, Stratigraphic, Petroleum, Rocks, Sedimentary, Sedimentary (MORE)