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Current fastest bowlers:

1. Shoaib Akhtar
2. Shaun Tait
3.Dirk Nannes
4. Dale Steyn
5.Mohammed Amir
6. Brett Lee
7.Mitchell Johnson
8.Peter Siddle
9. Shane Bond
10.Kemar Roach
Bowlers at all times Officialy

1. Shoaib Akhtar -100.3 mph
2.Shoaib Akhter -100.1 mph
3. Muhammad sami -100.0 mph
4.Brett lee - 99.9 mph
5. Shaun Tait - 99.9 mph
6. Jeff Thompson - 99.8 mph
7.Shane Bond -98.1 mph
8.Mohammed Sami -97.6 mph
9.Lasitha Malinga - 96.8 mph
10. Mitchell Johnson - 95.4 mph
Bowlers in terms of average speed

1. Shoaib Akhtar
2. Bret Lee
3. Shaun Tait
4. Shane Bond
5.Dale Steyn
6.Mohammed Sami
7.Lasith Malinga
8.Andrew Flintoff
9.Mitchell Johnson
10.Kemar Roach
Bowlers according to their fastest ball

1. Brett Lee 161.8 km/h
2. Shoaib Akhtar - 161.3 km/h
3. Shaun Tait - 160.7 km/h
4. Jeff Thompson - 160.4 km/h
5. Shane Bond - 156.4 km/h
6. Mohammed Sami - 156.3 km/h
7. Lasith Malinga - 155.4 km/h
8. Dale Steyn - 154.5 km/h
9. Andrew Flintoff - 153.9 km/h
10. Varun Aaron - 153.4 km/h
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Who is the best bowler in cricket?

According to the ICC official rankings it is Dale Steyn from South Africa. See ralated links below for the list of top ten batsmen and bowlers.the best bowler in the world is

Who is the fastest bowler of the world in Cricket?

Though Jeff "Thommo" Thomson of Australia was long regarded as the fastest bowler in the world (with a fastest ball clocked at 99.7 mph and rumoured to have broken the 100mph

Who is the fastest Australian cricket bowler?

Brett Lee is currently the fastest Australian cricket bowler, having bowled at 160.8 kmh. Sorry to tell you but Shaun tait has just out done Brett Lee as Tait bowled 160.9 K

Who are the top 10 batsmen in cricket?

The top 10 batsmen are: 1) Sachin Tendulkar 2) Donald Bradman 3) Ricky Ponting 4) Vivian Richards 5) Brian Lara 6) Garfield Sobers 7) Steven Waugh 8) Inzamam-U

Who are top 10 fastest bowlers in the world?

1. Brett Lee (Australia) 2. Shaun Tait (Australia) 3. Dale Steyn (South Africa) 4. Shane Bond (New Zealand) 5. Mitchell Johnson (Australia) 6.Kemar Roach (West Indie

Top 10 wicket takers for Australia in cricket?

  1. Shane Warne 708 Wickets 2. Glen McGrath 563 Wickets 3. Denis Lillee 355 Wickets 4. Brett Lee 310 Wickets 5. Craig McDermott 291 Wickets 6. Jason Gillespie 259 Wi