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Who are all the gods and goddesses in egypt?

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Aabit, Aah, Aker, Amaunet ,Amen, Ament, Ami, Ami, Neter, AmiPi, Amutnen, Amu Anhur, Anubis, Anqet, Apep, Apit, Apuat, Aput, Asbit, Aseb, Ashkit, Ashu, Aua, Auf, Auit, Bait, Baket, Ba-neb-Tetet,Bast, Bata, Bekhkhi,t Bes, Buto, Hapi, Hathor, HehHeqet,HesaHorus, Hu, Hutchai, Imhotep,Isis, Kekui, Kekuit,Khensu, Khepera, Khnemu, Khurab, Maa, Maat, Mafdet,Mahes ,Mathit ,Mehueret,Menthi, Merseger, Mesen, Meshkent,Min Montu ,Mut, Nehebkau,Neith, Nekhebet, Neper, Nephthys, Nerit, Nu, Nun, Nut, Osiris, Pakhit ,Papait, Pestit,Pestu ,Ptah, Ra ,Rat, Rekhit, Remi , Remnit, Renenet, Renpet, Renpiti, Renenutet, Saa,Sati, Seb, Sebek, Seker, Sekhet, Sekhmet ,Selqet, Seshat, Set, Setem, Shai (male) or Shait (female),Shesmu, Shu, Sia,Tait, Tanent, Ta-Urt, Tefnut, Temu ,Thoth ,Uadjet, Un, Unit,Unta, Untabi,Ur-Henu, Utchait, Utekh, Utet-Tefef and Wepwawet.

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Who are all of the Greek gods and goddesses and what they are in charge of?

This list of Greek deities does not contain all of them, especially since different people thought different things about the gods and their jobs. Some deities share the same

What are the names of the gods and goddesses of Egypt?

    That's very tough. There were so many of them. Try a website devoted to that kind of thing. Try searching 'eqyptian god pantheon ' . Ra was the head god. Other imp

Where did they worship gods and goddesses in Egypt?

 Every town and city had its own temple or temples where the gods could be worshipped. Thebes was an important religious centre during much of ancient Egypt.

Who were all the Gods and Goddess?

I don't know if you mean Greek Gods or what. But I can list them for you. Zeus - The King of the Gods. The big boss guy. Hera- Goddess of women, marriage and childbirth. She

Why was Zeus the ruler of all gods and goddesses?

Zeus and his brothers divided the world between them. Hades got the underworld, Poseidon the sea and Zeus the sky (and more or less the earth). So Zeus was on Mt Olympus more

What are the 114 gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt?

Aah, Anti, Buchis, Heka, Keket, Khentamentiu, Meret, Ahti, Anubis, Buto, Ahy, Apep, Djed, Aken, Apis, Duamutef, Aker, Asar-Hap, Ernutet, Amentet, Ash, Geb, Ammut, Aaten, Hapi,

A list of all the Greek Gods and Goddesses?

Gods Zeus- King of the gods, weather, lightning (and thunder), law, order, and fate. Poseidon- God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, storms, earthquakes Hermes- God

Where did gods and goddesses live in ancient Egypt?

Gods and Goddesses didn't really have homes...it is like our god...they could have been portrayed as living in the under world or the sky or in Nun's case, the waters of chaos

What are all the names and powers of the gods and goddesses?

Assuming you're talking about Greek mythology, the main gods/goddesses are as follows: Zeus: King of the gods - Lightning / Sky god Hera: Zeus' main wife / Queen of the gods -

Where did gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt come from?

Many deities in Egypt have their origins in Sumeria and Babylon. The Garden of Eden was in Sumeria. In the original story, Enki the serpent God creates humanity and protects a

Who is the ruler of all The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses?

It depends a bit on when you are talking about. In the earliest phase of Egyptian history (The Archaic and Old Kingdom periods between about 3000 and 2400 BCE) It was probably

Why were gods and goddesses of Egypt important in history?

  The gods and goddesses of ancient cultures; be it Egypt, Greek or Rome are the basis for our modern religions today. They helped shape culture and protect people from th