Who are all the gods and goddesses in egypt?

Who are all the gods and goddesses in egypt?
Aabit, Aah, Aker, Amaunet ,Amen, Ament, Ami, Ami, Neter, AmiPi, Amutnen, Amu Anhur, Anubis, Anqet, Apep, Apit, Apuat, Aput, Asbit, Aseb, Ashkit, Ashu, Aua, Auf, Auit, Bait, Baket, Ba-neb-Tetet,Bast, Bata, Bekhkhi,t Bes, Buto, Hapi, Hathor, HehHeqet,HesaHorus, Hu, Hutchai, Imhotep,Isis, Kekui, Kekuit,Khensu, Khepera, Khnemu, Khurab, Maa, Maat, Mafdet,Mahes ,Mathit ,Mehueret,Menthi, Merseger, Mesen, Meshkent,Min Montu ,Mut, Nehebkau,Neith, Nekhebet, Neper, Nephthys, Nerit, Nu, Nun, Nut, Osiris, Pakhit ,Papait, Pestit,Pestu ,Ptah, Ra ,Rat, Rekhit, Remi , Remnit, Renenet, Renpet, Renpiti, Renenutet, Saa,Sati, Seb, Sebek, Seker, Sekhet, Sekhmet ,Selqet, Seshat, Set, Setem, Shai (male) or Shait (female),Shesmu, Shu, Sia,Tait, Tanent, Ta-Urt, Tefnut, Temu ,Thoth ,Uadjet, Un, Unit,Unta, Untabi,Ur-Henu, Utchait, Utekh, Utet-Tefef and Wepwawet.

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Who are all of the Greek gods and goddesses and what they are in charge of?

This list of Greek deities does not contain all of them, especially since different people thought different things about the gods and their jobs. Some deities share the same (MORE)

Why were there Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egypt?

The religion of the ancient Egyptians reflects how they saw the world around them, the nature of the universe and how it came to be and continued.
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Where did they worship gods and goddesses in Egypt?

Answer  Every town and city had its own temple or temples where the gods could be worshipped. Thebes was an important religious centre during much of ancient Egypt.
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Great Myths and Greek Legend: The Mighty Gods and Goddesses

In Greek legends, Greek gods and goddesses control everything. From the heavens, the underworld and love to daylight and darkness, there is a god or goddess to oversee it. Her (MORE)
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The Gods and Goddesses of Japan

The Shinto spirituality of Japan believes that spirits of nature are ever present, and believers of the faith worship these beings. Referred to as Kami, these Japanese gods an (MORE)
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Hathor, Mistress of the Ancient Egyptian Heavens

The origins of the cult of Hathor, an Egyptian goddess, are concealed in the smoke of ancient fires; references to her worship predate the rise of dynastic Egyptian civilizati (MORE)

Why were gods and goddesses of Egypt important in history?

  The gods and goddesses of ancient cultures; be it Egypt, Greek or Rome are the basis for our modern religions today. They helped shape culture and protect people from th (MORE)

Who were all the major gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt?

Ra or Re - the sun god Hathor - goddess of love Bes - god of good things like family and good luck Anubis - god of mummification Bastet - the cat goddess Horus - god of v (MORE)

What were all of Egypts gods?

Aken Ferryman of the UnderworldAker Guardian and Gatekeeper of the UnderworldAm-Heh - Devourer of MillionsAment Greeter of the DeadAmmit Devourer of the WickedAmun and Amun-Re (MORE)