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This list: Military Allies of the United States
NATO Members
Czech Republic
Poland Portugal
United Kingdom

NATO by Extension (Complex) British Crown Possessions (Isle of Man, Jersey …) & British Overseas Territories French Departments & Communes (Several such as French Guiana and Reunion are incorporated parts of the Republic of France like Hawaii is to the USA, New Caledonia is the least incorporated but is also part of France) Kingdom of the Netherlands (Aruba, Netherland Antilles) Norwegian Territories Kingdom of Denmark Countries (Greenland, Faroe Islands) Spanish African Enclaves Portuguese Atlantic Islands Territories of the United States (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas, American Samoa) Independent Countries in Free Association with the United States Marshall Islands Federated States of Micronesia Palau NATO Occupied Countries (Not UN recognized) Kosovo NATO Contact Countries & Mutual Defense Agreements (MDAs) Japan (also MDA) Korea, Republic (also MDA) Australia (also ANZUS) New Zealand (also ANZUS) Singapore Chile Other Special Security Relationships with USA Panama Philippines Thailand Other American Military Allies in South America Peru Suriname Guyana Argentina (Very complex relationship, strained) Non-NATO EU Members (NATO-ESDP) Austria Ireland Finland Sweden Malta Cyprus

NATO MAPs (Membership Action Plans) Macedonia Bosnia Montenegro Independent Countries - MDAs with Major Allies and/or the USA Andorra Monaco San Marino Fiji Kiribati Samoa East Timor Nauru Solomon Islands Tonga Papua New Guinea Belize Jamaica Bahamas Dominican Republic Haiti Various other Caribbean microstates (changing and complex) Oman (via British) Djibouti (via French) Select NATO (Partners) Switzerland (PfP) Georgia (PfP) Ukraine (PfP) Moldova (PfP) Azerbaijan (PfP, but complexly also a CTSO member, keyword: Central Asia Great Game) Egypt (Med Dialogue, complex relationship) Israel (Med Dialague, special relationship) Jordan (Med Dialogue, also special with British) Morocco (Med Dialogue) Mauritania (Med Dialogue) Other South & West Asian Allies Bahrain UAE Saudi Arabia Iraq (sui generis) Afghanistan (sui generis) India (emerging, converging national interests, Chinese building naval base on Sri Lanka, France-India and USA-India nuclear tech deals) Other African Allies Botswana Swaziland Chad Senegal Benin Sui Generis Situations Honduras (De facto government) Bolivia (Eastern Provinces)
Alliances between any two or group of countries are not simple. There are legal agreements, ideological considerations and national interests.
There are central Asian nations which have very complex relationships - for example Kazakhstan, which belongs to the Russian dominated CSTO, the Chinese dominated SCO and has a NATO IPAP. It will play to all three as its interests and the situation changes.
Also there is a big difference between military allies and political allies. Socialist Chile may work against the United States on global political issues but is a major military ally for its own security reasons. Reality gets really strange with situations like Pakistan and Yemen.
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When and how did Great Britain and the United States become such strong allies?

Culturally similar, tensions existed between the US and the UK from the Revolution through the end of the Civil War. WWI and WWII were the building blocks of the trans-atlantic alliance. The US and UK are allies through mutual national interests. The UK needs US military support to pursue its interests and the US needs British bases throughout the world to project its power. Many key US bases are actually on British territory. Also, if the US wants to project its power somewhere, its politically useful to have even a token British presence on the gunline and at the UN Security Council. Also, since its usually illegal for either country to spy on its own citizens, its handy having a friendly and trustworthy power to do it for you and vice versa.

Could England have won the war against Hitler alone if the United States hadn't joined the Allies?

Answer . If England was in the war alone (without the U.S. and the USSR) she would have either come to terms with Hitler or eventually been defeated by Germany. If it was just England and the USSR then Germany probably would have been defeated by the USSR with a little help from British Bomber Command and that's about it..

Who were the United States Allies in World War 2?

Answer . \nGreat Britain, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Canada, the French Resistance. Nominally also the countries that had been invaded by Germany; Norway, Poland, Belgium, etc.

What sort of aid did the United States provide the Allies in 1940 and 1941?

Britain and the United States developed a system called Lend-Lease, whereby the United States lent food and armaments to Britain, whilst the British leased various islands and air and naval bases in the Caribbean and the Pacific to the US government. Because of the strict neutrality laws (isolationism) in place in the United States at the time, Lend-Lease was arranged as a commercial transaction and was, therefore, considerably more advantageous to the United States than to Britain commercially. However, since Britain would have starved to death without it, the deal may seem a little fairer than it felt to the British government of the time.

What Jewish state is a close ally of the United States?

As Israel (Medinat Yisra'el) is the only Jewish state in the Middle East (or anywhere) it would have to be them.

What were two ways the United States helped the allies during world war 2 without violating their neutrality?

Firstly,before the attack of Pearl Harbour, US did help its allies by condemning the Japanese act of taking lands in China and Manchuria illegally and ask the troops the leave. Secondly, US did made a trade embargo on Japan things like rubber, iron and oil etc that were necessary for war because the Japanese still did not withdrew the troops in the 2 areas mentioned above.(Manchuria & China)

Who were the United States allies at Normandy?

Answer . Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Free French forces, Polish exile regiments, plus regiments and individuals from many occupied nations such as Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway.

What countries did the allies of the United States control during World War 2?

All Axis conquered countries were contested (fought over) until the Axis retreated from them. Allied Forces controlled all of them; with the exception of the Axis nations themselves (Germany & Japan) until 1945. So allies did not control most of the land some were neutral. the main countries allies had were Britain, Russia(soviet union), USA, Canada, Egypt,

Who were the allies of the United States in World War two?

Answer . \nThe United Kingdom had aided the US in the war in Poland,Germany, and in Finland.

Today the United States and Britain are close allies. Why do you think the two nations have such close ties?

the Americans and britans have helped each other in alot of situations... for example world war 2.... even though America was kind of late they still helped alot and Britain well i dunno if dey did anything for the us but im sure they did in the past...

How did the United States and England become allies?

\nThe United States and Great Britain became allies in 1991 when England publicly announced that Jersey was the cutest dog in the world.

Who are allies of the United Kingdom today?

One country that allies with the UK today that I know of is the U.S. Also, as the United Kingdom is part of both the NATO (north Atlantic treaty organization) an the europpean union they also have mantained relations with these countries. You should also keep in mind that the United Kingdom is a very peaceful country who search for allies in countries of international recognition, therefore it's alliance with the united states, France and Germany. United kingdom also search answers with the commowealth whenever an issue that can be solved through this organization.

What made the allies' need for the United States to enter the war more urgent?

The allies needed the United States to enter the war in order toadd to their power. They realized that it would be much easier toachieve victory if they joined forces.

Why did the United States choose Britain as allies?

I don't think this is a valid question. Britain was at war with Germany from September 1939, the US only after Pearl Harbour. So the US did not "choose" Britain as an ally, we simply ended up with common enemies, ie Germany and Japan. Between September 1939 and when the US entered the war, Britain had very little help from the US, which stayed neutral in this period, and would probably have stayed that way if Japan had not attacked. In that case it would have been doubtful if Britain could have defeated Germany.. Apart from being 2 countries separated by a common language..... The US did help Britain considerably before Pearl Harbor, Lend-Lease was crucial. The policy of defeat Germany first was also necessary, not just for Britains aid, but that of Russia and the whole of occupied Europe. Although the effort put into D Day by the British was immense, I agree with the above, the British couldn't have done that alone. Europe would be a very different place without the US joining the war.

What date did the United States join allied powers in world war 1?

The United States officially entered World War I on April 6th of1917, declaring war against Germany and mobilizing for an all-outeffort to achieve victory. While never formally entering intoalliance with Great Britain and France (and other Allied nations),the U.S. collaborated on land, at sea, and in the air as adedicated "associate" of the Allies until victory was won.

Why did the United States joined the allied powers in world war 1?

Upon entering World War I as a combatant, the United States joinedthe side of the Triple Alliance (whose major members consisted ofGreat Britain, France, and Russia) mainly because it had sufferedfrom attacks by German submarines while still maintaining itsneutral status. In addition, public sympathy in America had alreadyleaned strongly towards Great Britain (and its allies) due to thesimilarities in the cultural and political heritage of the twonations.

Who was in the warfare between the Democratic Republic of this country allied with the Communist World against the Republic of this country and it's allies namely the United States?

The world of democracy was referred to as the "free world", and the communist countries were referred to as, "communist countries". The leaders of those two factions, were referred to as the "super-powers." The super-powers were the United States, and to a lesser degree, Great Britain and France, representing the free world. The super-powers representing the communist nations were, The Soviet Union (Russia) and Red China (Communist China). There was NO war going on between these super-powers...so it was called a "cold war." The communist super-powers were supporting a smaller country to fight in their place, and that was North Vietnam. This fight (war) was "HOT". "Hot" meaning real bullets and bombs, real killing, and real buildings being destroyed. In a "cold war" no one gets hurt, no buildings are damaged, real bullets are not used (blanks are used during manuevers).. The allies, consisting of the US, South Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the Philippines were fighting (in a "Hot") war against North Vietnam and the Viet Cong (VC-communists living in South Vietnam), who were SUPPLIED with aircraft, tanks, AK-47's, artillery, Surface to Air Missiles (SAM's), patrol boats, etc. from the Communist Super-Powers of the Soviet Union & Red China.

Was the Soviet Union an ally to the United States?

Yes.\n. \nEven befoe the US declared war, it sent supplies to Russia by the Lend Lease Agreement.

When did the allies join the United States in World War 2?

I think you'll find the US joined the Allies: As a result of Pearl Harbor, Dec7th 1941

When was the United Nations created by the Allies?

The United Nations was chartered as an organization on June 26, 1945 at the United Nations Conference on International Organization in San Francisco. (Poland later signed the agreement, becoming one of the 51 original members.) The UN was officially created on October 24, 1945 when the agreement was ratified by a majority of the signatory nations. In many member countries, October 24 is celebrated as United Nations Day. The actual title was coined by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in the Declaration by United Nations (Atlantic Charter) of January 1, 1942. Representatives of 26 nations pledged their governments to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers, upon whom the US had declared war the month before.

The United states was able to loan more than 10 billion to the allies thanks to?

The United States of America was able to loan more than $10 billionto the allies, during World War II, due to the sale of governmentwar bonds. More than $50 billion of war bonds were sold in the1940s.

The allies used this to convince the United States to enter the war telling the United States that they will be taken over if they don't help?

The Zimmernman (sp?) note. It is the note from Germany to Mexico saying that Mexico should join the Germans and take over the US. It was intercepted by the allies and informed the US, thereby causing the US to enter WWI.

Why was the United States allied with the Koreans in the Korean War?

The question misrepresents the way the war started. North Korea was in the Communist bloc while South Korea was oriented to the free world. The United Nations was actively engaged in keeping the peace at a time when it was less than five years in existence. When North Korea suddenly invaded South Korea with the purpose of unifying the country, the US called for a special session of the Security Council to restore peace. Oddly, the Soviet Union was at the time boycotting the meetings on an unrelated issue. If the SU had been present, it certainly would have vetoed any action, but as it happened the Security Council ordered the UN members to come to the defense of South Korea. The US and 15 other nations sent troops, By that time only Pusan in the southern tip had not been overrun by North troops. The UN forces, under the command of the US Gen. McArthur, pushed back and continued almost as far as the Yalu River in the north, but the Chinese Communist army joined the North Korean side. When the battle line returned approximately to the original dividing line, there was a stalemate and eventually an armistice, although to this day there is no peace.

Is North Korea a United States ally?

No, North Korea is not a United States ally. North Korea, famous for being the most isolated nation in the world, currently does not have any alliances with other countries.

What difference did the United States joining the war make to the allies by early 1918?

The difference was that after we joined the Allies in WWI is that after we joined the allies finally outnumbered the Central Powers(Austro-Hungary, and Germany.)

What if Japan had been an ally of the United States in World War 2?

Most historians would agree that not a whole lot would have changed in terms of the outcome of the war itself. If Japan had been an ally of the US during the war, or even simply been a neutral party, chances are good that it would have simply sped the demise of the Nazis. Most Historians and Political Scientists would also agree that it would have saved lives and resources, and would have significantly changed the shape of the world in terms of global politics in the future as many of the current tensions in Asia arose from the conduct of Japan during WWII. We'd more than likely be looking at a very different world today had Japan not engaged in military action during World War II, and it likely would have significantly sped the end of the Nazi reign of Europe.

Is Israel an ally of the United States?

Israel is the only true ally of the united States that is able to defend itself, has a western styled golvernment and has the freedoms the western world is accustomed to.

Countries that are allied to United Nations?

There are over 200 countries which belong to the United Nations. These would be described as members, rather than as allies.

Was the country Churchill lead allies with the United States?

I think you want to know which country Churchill represented and was allies with the United States. He was the Prime Minister of England.

Who are the allies of the United STATES during the world war 1?

The Americans, who came to the party very late in mid April 1917, joined the British, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, and the French. The American involvement was small and late. Jim Bunting. Toronto.

Did the United States regard Saddam Hussein as an ally?

No. Although Iraq began a war with Iran while the Hostage Crisis was ongoing, it was seen by the US government as a war between two brutal dictatorships; both of them unfriendly to the United States, and a war in which the United States wanted neither side to win. Sadaam Hussein in Iraq was never seen as a US ally, any more than the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran was seen as a US ally.

Who were the allies of The United States in both World l and World War ll?

Great Britain, France, and Canada. Major allies during WWl were France, United Kingdom, Russia, US Major allies during WWll were US, France, Great Britain, Soviet Union

What caused the United states to join the Allies in fighting World War?

the Germans blocked the U.S's trade route with Britain and blew up out ships every time we came near the British isle to trade goods. the British also blocked off the way to the German ports with underwater explosives. so once the Germans blew up the Lusitania, the Americans were angered and pushed to the edge in which we joined the war on the Allies side, not the central powers

Are the United States and Iraq allies?

The United States and Iraq are currently on good terms, but they are not members of any sort of alliance.

Is south Korea allies with the United States?

Yes! The United States has approximately 28,500 troops in South Korea.I believe they signed some sort of treaty or agreement that limited the U.S. to that many troops in the country.The U.S. will assist the South Koreans against any threat on their country.

What country allied with the United States in the revolutionary war?

France. France provided supplies, ammunition and weapons to the Continental Army. The French were also decisive in blocking the British from escape by sea at Yorktown, which forced Lord Cornwallis to surrender.

Were the United States and the Soviet Union allies during the civil war?

No. The Soviet Union did not exist in the mid nineteenth century. Russia was friendly toward the US, but not allied with them.

What factors help to explain why the united states and the soviet union became rivals instead of allies?

The US wanted the USSR to free the Eastern European Nations,especially Poland. . Stalin and the Politburo did not want to give them theirfreedom. . Both countries had become superpowers but the atomic bombs ofthe US put them one notch above the USSR. . Stalin would not let the US into Berlin for awhile but theyeventually let them in. However, Stalin blockaded the food andgoods the Eastern Berliners needed so the US flew the goods intoBerlin. This came to be known as "The Berlin Airlift". This did notput the USSR into good favor with the US. . The severe differences over governing the European nationscaused the Cold War to spark. The US has always been against the idea of communism. With theSoviets helping North Korea build their communist army and thethreat they posed to an atomic war, they became instant rivals forthe United States. During WW2 the US and USSR were externally very strongallies against Nazi Germany although the USSR had several veryactive spy rings inside the US busy stealing secrets. However after the war all this broke up over the basic issues ofthe dichotomy between capitalist and communist economic systems andphilosophies. Correction, the "The Berlin Airlift" supplied WestBerlin not East Berlin. Stalin already controlledEast Berlin and hoped the blockade would starve the West Berlinersinto agreeing to form a single unified Berlin that he controlled.

How did the United States help the allies win the war?

They had money and resources to give to the allies as well as more men.

Why did soviet dictator Joseph Stalin want the other Allies United States and Great Britain to attack Germany from the west?

Stalin wanted the other Allies to begin attacking Germany from the West in order to relieve Russian armies fighting in the East. This attempt failed, though, as the Allies ignored Stalin's plea and continued their original plan to fight along the coast of Africa, coming from the South in Italy.

What were the accomplishment that the United states and its allied achieved during World War 2?

Afer WWII the Allies won Germany and all land that it had taken, it returned conquested land back to it's former owners, Germany was split into four zone, one for the U.S, one for Great Brittain, one for France, and one for USSR. Americans occupied Japan, Korea was split across the 38th Parralel.

What did the united states join the allies and help to win world war 2?

I think you wanted to ask why did the US join the allies etc,tough question because the USA at the start of WW2 was against the idea of involvement in another European war,both the government and the general public,however the German blitz on London gained Britain much public support in the US,also US ships were being sunk by UBoats in Germanys attempt to starve Britain inflaming public opinion,by now the US was by now acting beyond its neutral position and supplying Britain with war goods,so the stage was set,the Japanese attack on pearl harbour in dec 41 did the rest,with the US now at war with Japan,Hitler now declared war on the US,so now the US that had been torn between its policy of isolation,and sympathy for Britain and China(China had been invaded by Japan 2 yrs before the war in Europe) was now commited to the cause of ending German and Japanese aggression,finding common ground with Churchill US president Roosevelt now found himself also allied with Stalin the leader of the USSR that had been struggling for survival after Hitlers invasion of Russia, So it was Hitlers mistake to declare war on the USA at a time when Britain was still holding out,and the soviet armies were giving the Germans their first major setback at the gates of Moscow,Roosevelt had promised the US public he would keep them out of the war,but in December 41 first Japan then a few days later Germany gave him no choice,

Why did the United States ally with the Soviet Union during World War 2?

It was a very convenient alliance; the Third Reich was a threat to both countries, therefore both countries wanted to defeat it. After WW II, the alliance fell apart immediately, but during the war it made perfect sense.

Why was Pakistan a ally with the United states during the 1970's and 1980's?

Pakistan did this to counter India's close military and economic ties with the Soviet Union.

Do you think the allies would have won the war if the United States had not become involved?

That's one of those wonderful questions that has been debated for a long time, and will forever be debated. The US was involved in the war almost from the beginning. While not sending troops, the US was selling goods to the British almost from the start, and in 1941, passed the "Lend Lease Act", which made it easier to circumvent American laws outlawing selling equipment to England while they were fighting the war. The US was leaning towards joining the war on the side of the Allies the whole time- FDR often talked of how England was alone, fighting for civilization against the barbaric Germans. That said, let's say the US doesn't actually get involved any more than they were before December 1941. Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union was starting to stall by that point- by January 1942, the Germans had failed to take Moscow. Leningrad and Stalingrad became horrific battlefields where the Germans eventually were defeated. The Germans were thrown back by the Red Army and by summer of 1943, the Russians were attacking the Germans, rather than the other way around. Bear in mind that the Allies in the west didn't even attack Germany in any meaningful way until Operation Torch- the invasion of North Africa- which happened towards the end of 1942- and even that, they only faced a tiny portion of the German army (the Axis forces in Africa were mostly inferior Italian troops supported by better German troops). The Allies invaded France, finally creating the second front that the Soviets so badly desired, in summer 1944. The Red Army was in Poland and driving towards Germany by that point- the war ended less than a year later when the Red Army took Berlin and Hitler killed himself. So my point is that the European theater was fought and won mostly by the Russians. By the time the US was even involved in Europe in any meaningful way militarily, the Soviets had already started pushing back the German military. I don't want to discount the hard work of the American, British, French, Polish, and other Allied troops. Their efforts absolutely helped end the war, and ended it far faster than if the Soviets were forced to fight it on their own. But I think the war would've been won by the Allies if the US hadn't actually joined the war. You might then ask, but what about Japan? Well, that's an interesting side point. Japan had fought a short and bloody war against the Soviets in late 1930s, notably one particular battle called Khalkin Gol, where the Red Army totally thrashed the Japanese Army in a border clash. The Japanese made peace with the Soviets and never again dared to attack them. The war in Asia ended when the US dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, but also when the Soviets declared war on Japan and invaded Japanese controlled territory in China. Don't forget that Japan had signed on to the Axis powers in 1940 (Tripartite Pact), and the US had been quietly supporting Britain, as already mentioned. And in another point, it was almost impossible for the Japanese to avoid a confrontation with the US. Relations between the two had been strained for years. Japan had invaded China in the 20's and the US opposed that; the subsequent trade embargos by the US really hurt Japan badly, which is partly why they so badly wanted to conquer Indonesia and French Indochina. Pearl Harbor was just Japan's way of saying "we're sick of talking, let's fight." and it was a huge mistake on their part. This is one of those interesting discussions that'll never be resolved. I'm sure people will disagree with my above assessment, but that's the nice thing about this- the Allies won and we can discuss it!

Who were the Allies for the United States in World War II?

In World War II, the United States was allied with Great Britain and the Soviet Union, and together formed the Allied Powers.

How did the united states gain allies and aid during the revolutionary war?

The United States gained allies and aid during the revolutionarywar in terms of military aid and financial support from France,which was not in good terms with Britain.

Which country was an ally of the United states during world War 2?

There were several countries that were allied with the U.S. inWorld War 2. This included England, along with Australia, NewZealand, Canada, and Free France. The latter was part of thecountry that was not under German or Vichy French control.

How much financial aid does each allie of the United states receieve?

According to Forbes, the US Business Magazine, the US by its ownfigures pledged a total of $ 48.4 billion in aid in 2012 andactually paid out $ 33.2 billion in that year. Almost half of thatis 'military assistance', so that includes also nice juicy ordersfor the US defense industry. . Other forms of aid also often take the form of a spending budgetfor orders with US industries (same thing in many other donorcountries for their industries) so a considerable part offoreign aid ends up as orders and jobs in the US or other donorcountries themselves. The 2012 figures are more or less par for thecourse, so a calculation that you might want to make over a forinstance five year-period could be made by simply multiplying thatfigure by 5. . Since the US gives aid in some form to 95% of all the world'scountries, a complete list would simply be too long to reproducehere. If you are interested in one or two specific countries, thebest thing to do is to google 'us aid to < name ofcountry > in < year >' .

Is the United states allies with Iran?

No. We do not have any alliances with Iran. We have dropped some sanctions in exchange for their agreeing not to build nuclear weapons.