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gay people are those who are intimately attracted to members of their same sex.
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Are gay people right to be gay?

YES! Everyone has their own right to their sexuality. Whether it be gay, straight or bi. Everyone is entitled to their preferences. Most countries have become enlightened t

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How do gay people become gay?

They become Gay way before they know about it, just as when Straight people become straight ! It is something scientists are still unsure about, but we know it is either befor

Why do gay people not admit they are gay?

There are many reasons, such as bullying, fear of being kicked outof home, and fear of being rejected from religion. These are someOf the things that gay, bi, and lesbian peop

Do gay people have gay children?

There is not a gene that causes sexual orientation, so there is nomore probability that a gay person will have biologically gaychildren. Rather, the cause is thought to be mor

Who are gay people most afraid of telling them that they are gay?

Chuck Norris because he will round house kick the crap out of them     Answer:   My answer is two opposite things, because it really depends on the person. Eith

Do gay people have gay friends?

It really depends on the person. It is not uncommon for gay peopleto have gay friends. Most people tend to be most comfortable aroundfriends they have things in common with. I

Are gay people naturally gay?

Short answer: Yes. Sexual orientation is thought to be genetically determined. I've never met a gay man who "chose" to be gay, just as no heterosexuals get up one morning and

Is you tube gay for gay people?

No, YouTube Is not just for "Gay" people. YouTube is a video browsing site for all people, no matter what gender they are intrested in.

Why do you call gay people gay?

You call people gay if they are attracted to members of the same gender. But it's really better to call people by their names.

How do gay people get a gay voice?

There is no such thing as a "gay voice". Some gay people adopt a manner of speech that is "campy" and stereotypically gay, but the majority do not. Conversely, a considerable