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"Gay" means a homosexually oriented person, a person who is primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to others of the same sex: men to men, or women to women. In the US these days, "gay" usually refers to homosexual men. Homosexual women usually call themselves "lesbians."
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Are gay people really gay?

Yes, gay people are really gay. No one benefits from pretending tobe gay.

Is it possible to have gay fantasies and not be gay?

  This kind of thing can cause so much needless stress for people. A gay thought does not make a person gay. In fact, many people in their 20's, 30's and beyond, may have

Are gays right to be gay?

YES! Everyone has their own right to their sexuality. Whether it be gay, straight or bi. Everyone is entitled to their preferences. Most countries have become enlightened to

Is you tube gay for gay people?

No, YouTube Is not just for "Gay" people. YouTube is a video browsing site for all people, no matter what gender they are intrested in.

why not be gay?

It is not something you can decide. It is just that you develop (sexual) feelings for the same sex. This is not a problem at all. It does not hurt anybody.

How do you know if a gay guy is gay?

You don't always know, sometimes they hide it or they don't act stereotypicaly gay. Some gay guys act feminine, for example talking in a high pitched voice or wearing feminine

Do gay people know who is gay?

Not entirely, there's a term called "gaydar" it's where people pick up hints. However it's not accurate. Best way of knowing is asking the person. Also, this applies to any

Do gay men have gay children?

Although sexual orientation (whether a person is gay or straight) may be genetically determined, there's no statistical evidence that gay men are more likely than straight men

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What are gays?

Gay's are Homosexuals. Men or Women who are attracted sexually to their own gender.

Why are you gay?

Here are various user opinions: . Because gay people are awesome! . It's probably combination of environment and genetics, orperhaps God blessed you. . No one is really

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How do gay people become gay?

They become Gay way before they know about it, just as when Straight people become straight ! It is something scientists are still unsure about, but we know it is either befor

What do you do if you you are gay?

 If you just realizing you are gay the first steps are accepting  yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to just accept yourself for what  you are. After you have accepted you
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What do they gays do?

If you are asking what gays do then it means that a women and another women are togever and the sane with men, they do excatly the sane things as a man and a women would do bu
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How to be gay?

You are or you aren't. While there are some who act like the typical stereotype's, Gays come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ways of acting.

What are you on about they are gay or they are not gay?

Gay is not something bad or good, it is a state of mind resulting  from different but categorized backgrounds related to the  psychology of each individual.    Being