Who are major manufacturers of aluminum pools and parts beside Esther Williams for replacement parts?

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You can try swim n play.
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If you want to replace the toprails on a pool where can you find compatible parts for an old pool?

Our above ground pool was put up in 1990. This year we decided it would be cheaper to replace the liner and re finish the top rails ourselves. The pool sat stagnet for 5 years, and was pretty nasty. The top rails were faded and peeling. I took every other one off, used an electric wire wheel and gro (MORE)

How do you stop the water so you can replace that part of the PVC pipe that goes to the bottom drain of an inground pool?

it all depends on where the pipe is. Sometimes you can just plug the hole in the pool with a rubber stopper. without knowing wher your pipe is or what kind of pool you have, how much water, how many drains. etc.. this question may be too vague to answer If the line to the bottom drain is dedicated (MORE)

Where can you find parts for an old Royal All-Aluminum Swimming Pool that is over 35 years old and out of business?

Answer . No answer, but I have a similar problem, although my pool is only 18 years old. I was able to get an aluminum wall 24' round , 48" high from the delair group and now need to get the right tracking and bottom plates (having a hard time!). How did you find out the manufacturer? What parts (MORE)

Where can you find replacement parts such as tracking and uprights bottom support plates for an old aluminum pool when the manufacturer is unknown?

One way is to make careful measurements of the parts that you require. most of these part can be easily manufactured in a sheet metal workshop such as those that make the special sheet metal shapes for roofing barges ridges etc, make a note of the shape the length and the material you would like to (MORE)

What exactly is a re manufactured part?

Remanufactured isn't as thorough as it sounds. In an alternator for instance the replace only the parts they feel are worn. So they might replace the bearings and the diodes - but will leave the body of it, and often other parts behind. So you can see, if the person making the judgment call on what (MORE)

Who manufactures the parts for the iPhone?

Answer According to Reuters, July 2, 2007 Following are some of the key parts and their makers that have been identified so far: 1. South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (005930.KS: Quote, Profile, Research) makes the main processor as well as the flash memory chips that store music, photo (MORE)

What are the parts to a pool skimmer?

Skimmer parts . Check out this link: http://www.poolsinc.com/pd_hy1082.html. The parts list is typical.. Floating skimmer parts. http://www.skimmeronline.com/webcontent14.htm

Why is aluminum used for many airplane parts?

Aluminum is used because it is strong, lightweight, and does not easily corrode. Its high resistance to corrosion means it will last longer in service. This is because when it is exposed to air, it forms a protective layer called 'aluminium oxide' which will help prevent corrosion. It is also ext (MORE)

Where can you buy replacement parts for Ashley furniture besides where purchased from?

I have contacted Ashley twice recently and both times was told that they do not sell relacement parts to the public. They told me that replacement parts can be ordered from an authorized dealer. Most stores that sell Ashley products (HomeStores and mom-and-pop dealers) have access to AshleyDirect.co (MORE)

Who manufactures the iPod parts?

I am Sophia from China Autely Electronic CO., LTD ,very pleased to answer your question, that you are interested in iPod parts,our company produce iPod parts,Our can offer the best competitive price for the iPod parts,Include:. iPod battery, ipod Audio, iPod cables (USB cable, fire cable), iPod FM (MORE)

Where are Toyota parts manufactured?

Toyota parts now manufactured in the United States. Many of us already know that Toyota Corporation builds many famous car models inside the United States.

What are the different parts of an aircraft and how are they manufactured?

Fuselage, wings, engines, rudder, horizontal stabilizer. Aircraft are made basically the same way cars are. :D. Then again they are not. Some aircraft parts are made of high-strength steel and some parts such as landing gears are steel forgings. Some aircraft use titanium---both sheet metal and for (MORE)

Which parts of the car are made out of aluminum?

This varies for every car made. One easy way to tell if it is aluminum or not is to use a magnet. Aluminum is not magnetic. . Common parts made of aluminum are the radiator, intake manifold, cylinder heads, engine block, transmission case and/or bellhousing, heater core, bumpers, decorative trim, w (MORE)

Where can you get pool parts?

Not to toot our own horn, but we have over 60,000 pool and spa parts listed on our site: http://www.poolpartsonline.com/

Who manufactures auto parts under the Replacement brand?

Replacement brand is manufactured in China. Add'l Info: Gary in Manchester TN, USA. "Replacement" is a brand name of new replacement (aftermarket not Original Equipment Manufacturer ie OEM) auto parts manufactured in China and sold through many parts outlets including Partstrain, AutoPartsWarehous (MORE)

In what part of the world is aluminum found?

8.3 % of the Earth's surface is Aluminum.It occurs naturally primarily in combination with silica, also as oxide. Aluminum is mostly found in Rocks and other substances on the earth's crust. Aluminum is easily found, and therefore it only costs about two dollars a pound. Australia, Brazil, Guinea, J (MORE)

What are the parts to a pool filter and what do they do?

You have three main types of pool filters... Sand, Cartridge or DE (diatomaceous earth). Although they all filter pool water - the mechanics of each are different. To view schematics of all, take a look at these links: http://www.poolpartsonline.com/s-12-filter-parts-cartridge.aspx http://www.poolp (MORE)

What are the parts of the atom besides the neutron?

The nucleus which includes the protons and neutrons, and theelectron cloud which contains the electrons. If you want to getinto true quantum mechanics, then there are the quarks, theleptons, the bosons, gluons, etc.

Who manufactures the parts for the iPad?

The iPad contains parts from various companies. It includes chips made by Broadcom Corp., Texas Instruments, Cirrus Logic, Samsung and Toshiba and the Screen is made by LG Displays. It is assembled in China by Foxconn.

Who manufactures the parts of the ford?

Ford Motor Company hires individual companies to make very specific parts and components for their vehicles. I used to work for a Ford dealership in Austin, TX; and I was amazed at looking at each individual part box to see that these parts were made both in the US and throughout the world. From wha (MORE)

Who is the best ar15 part manufacturers?

Probably Lewis Machine Tool. Most AR-15 manufacturers don't actually manufacture their own parts - they outsource them. LMT manufactures the receivers for Colt, Noveske, and others. Continental Machine Tool is another one a lot of firearms manufacturers outsource to.

How can you replace part?

I usually unbolt and put a new one on, then hold a short funeral for the old part as it gets thrown in the scrap metal bucket.

Is a pool apron part of a pool?

No, they are not really "part of the pool". A pool apron is the surrounding area outside of the pool. A pool apron may or may not be physically attached or even molded to the same piece of concrete as the pool it serves. But the question you are asking is much akin to "are the stairs in front (MORE)

What are replacement parts?

Replacement parts are parts you get to replace the broken ones on your car. They are available both used (from junkyards) and new from auto parts stores.

Where are Chevrolet truck parts manufactured?

The majority of Chevrolet truck parts are manufactured in North America, in either the United States or Canada. A large percentage of the car parts are made in Detroit, Michigan or in Ontario, Canada.

Is sand the part of aluminum?

No, aluminum is an element. A common form of sand is silicondioxide, a compound of two elements neither of which is aluminum.