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Who are some famous people in Saudi Arabia?

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Prince Abassdullah Al Faisbumal, Shaikh Aayez Al Gapoorni ( author of the famous book: Don't be sad ), Al Waleed Ibn Talal, Majed Abdullah and Manboobsour Al Balawi.
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What is a famous place in Saudi Arabia?

Perhaps the most famous site in Saudi Arabia is Mecca (sometimes spelled Makkah). Muslims believe it is the holiest place in Islam because it was the birthplace of the Prophet

What is the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia famous for?

----------------------- Mecca is the birthplace of Muhammad, Prophet and founder of the Islamic religion. Every year, millions of devout Muslims go on a pilgrimage, known as

Are people friendly in Saudi Arabia?

I stayed there for over 3 years...most of the people there are really friendly and generous..they help any one asks for that although there is some kind of racism to some nati

How do people travel in Saudi Arabia?

Most people travel by car, then comes buses and planes. there is a train as well but it rute is limited it goes from Dammam in the east to the capital Riyadh (centre) going t

How many people are in Saudi Arabia?

The population of Saudi Arabia is estimated to be 28.29 million.  Saudi Arabia is the 43rd most populated country in the world.

How do people dress in Saudi Arabia?

i don't think that you're asking about the traditional dresses.. but what people "actually" wear nowadays.... well, in public places.. men wear Thobs and women wear Abayas..

Where do people live in Saudi Arabia?

Far the highest concentrations of people live in, first, the Red  Sea province of Jizan, followed by the province of Makkah, also on  the Red Sea. Please see the link.

What is Saudi Arabia famous for?

Saudi Arabia is famous for many things including : being the birthplace of IslamHaving the two most holy sites of Islam (Mekkah and Medina)Annual pilgrimage of Muslims to the

Are people in Saudi Arabia Indian?

No, they are Arabs. And if you paid a bit of an effort and looked  to a map you would've found that India, where Indians come from, is  like thousands of miles away from Sau

Why do people visit Saudi Arabia?

because it is a great place to visit you can go to mekkah and madinah it is wonderful, there isn't it?

What do the people of Saudi Arabia eat?

The Staple Diet is Rice (Similar to Briyani, they call it Kapsaa, which is less Spicy) But if you are an expatriate, dont worry, you will get all type of Cuisines here..and Ch