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Who are some famous people in Saudi Arabia?

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Prince Abassdullah Al Faisbumal, Shaikh Aayez Al Gapoorni ( author of the famous book: Don't be sad ), Al Waleed Ibn Talal, Majed Abdullah and Manboobsour Al Balawi.
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What is a famous place in Saudi Arabia?

Perhaps the most famous site in Saudi Arabia is Mecca (sometimes spelled Makkah). Muslims believe it is the holiest place in Islam because it was the birthplace of the Prophet (MORE)

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How do people travel in Saudi Arabia?

Most people travel by car, then comes buses and planes. there is a train as well but it rute is limited it goes from Dammam in the east to the capital Riyadh (centre) going t (MORE)
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Where do people live in Saudi Arabia?

Far the highest concentrations of people live in, first, the Red  Sea province of Jizan, followed by the province of Makkah, also on  the Red Sea. Please see the link.

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What are some famous events in Saudi Arabia?

A famous event in Saudi Arabia is called the Janadriyah National  Festival. This event takes place every February and it lasts for 2  weeks. There are traditional dancing, p (MORE)