Who are the characters in hinilawod?

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There is Alunsina, the goddess of th eastern sea who married Paubari, an ordinary mortal and gave birth to three sons named: Labaw Dingin(the eldest of the three), Humadapnin(their second son) and Dumalapdap(the youngest son). In the narrative poem Hinilawod, there are monsters that Labaw dingin fought for marriage... He fought a monster for his first wife, a monster named "Manaluntad", "Sikay Padalogdog",a hydra-headed giant; for his second wife and "Saragnayan", the lord of darkness for his last love... But then he failed to defeat Saragnayan and then saragnayan threw Labaw Dingin in prison for years until his three sons fought and killed Saragnayan... Humadapnin heard about the maltreatment suffered by his brother, he set out to punish the lord of darkness. He brought with him his trusted warrior Buyong Matan-ayon. Along the way, they met a sorceress named Pinganun-Pinungganum. Meanwhile, Alunsia's third son Dumalapdap set out to win the hand of Lubay-lubyok Hanginin si mahuyok, the goddess of the evening breeze. After several minor adventures, he finally reached the palace but guarded by ferocious monsters. The first was Balanakon, a two-headed monster. He successfully defeated balanakon with the aid of a friendly dwende. After that, a bat-like monster named "Ayutang" came hurtling down at him. No matte how he tried to beat ayutang, he could not pierce the monster with his sword for its body which is covered by thick scales but what he didn't knew, the armpit was the only vulnerable part of its body so.. he also won the match. After all of the actions, the eath beneath him quaked as he trashed about in agony. Suddenly, the earth split into two and swallowed the hapless monster. Therocks in the area sank into the newly-formd sea but their surfaced stuck out and becme the island of Panay. With their hard-earned victory, the newlyformed islands ws apportioned among the brothers. Labaw Dingin was made the ruler of Irong-Irong which is now Ilo-Ilo: Humadapnin as the king of Hantique(Antique) and Dumalapdap as the lord of Aklan region... There after, Alunsina and Paubari went to live in peace atop the Madyaas Mountains.... STRICTLY! PLS DO NOT ERASE THIS NOTE: Hi I'm Joseph A. Francisco, a highschool student of Bulacan and can serve as a Q&A sheet for you if you would like... you can visit m site www.ckenjoseph.multiply.com thnx!
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