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Who are the characters in the story the Tiger's Heart by Jim Kjelgaard?

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Pepe Gracia, Juan Aria, villagers and tiger
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The Tiger's Heart by Jim kjelgaard?

yes It's a short story in many of his books. To see which one(s) contain the story-see below link.

How many chambers does a tiger's heart have?

The tiger is a mammal, and all mammals have a four-chambered heart. Therefore, the tiger's heart has four chambers.

Was Jim Kjelgaard a Mormon?

No. Author Jim Kjelgaard was not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church).

How many books did Jim Kjelgaard write?

Jim Kjelgaard wrote over 40 novels. They are: Forest Patrol (1941)Rebel Siege (1943)Big Red (1945)Buckskin Brigade (1947)Snow Dog (1948)Kalak of the Ice (1949)A Nose for Trou