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On 19th November, 1947 The Princess Elizabeth, as she was then, married Philip Mountbatten (date of birth 10th June 1921), a prince of Greece and Denmark who was later created Duke of Edinburgh.

Their children are:
  1. Charles Philip Arthur George born 14th November, 1948.
    His Royal Highness Prince Charles is the heir apparent (i.e. next in line) to the throne and is Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and, in Scotland, Duke of Rothesay.
  2. Anne Elizabeth Louise born 15th August 1950.
    Her Royal Highness the Princess Anne is currently eleventh in line to the throne and her formal title is "The Princess Royal."
  3. Andrew Albert Christian Edward born 19th February 1960.
    His Royal Highness the Duke of York (his present title) is currently fifth in line of succession to the Throne.
  4. Edward Antony Richard Louis born 10th March 1964.
    His Royal Highness the Prince Edward was created Earl of Wessex in 1999, on the occasion of his marriage to Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones. He is currently eighth in line of succession.
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Who is the mother of Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth's mother was the former Elizabeth Bowles-Lyon. She was the daughter of the Duke of Glemis. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.-When her husband became King she got the title of Queen Elizabeth, but she was not the monarch, so she got no regnal number.When her daughter became Queen Elizabeth II, sh (MORE)

What powers does Queen Elizabeth II have?

The role of the British monarchs is today largely ceremonial. Thefew 'powers' that they do have - like elevating people to the ranksof the nobility and appointing the Prime Minister - they do notexecute indiscriminately. Royal 'honors' are always distributed atthe suggestion of the Government, and a (MORE)

How did Queen Elizabeth II get her name?

Answer . Elizabeth is one of the names she was given at birth; she chose to use it as Monarch when she took the throne. There is some controversy over the designation II. Elizabeth I was a Tudor (the famous and brilliant daughter of Henry VIII). When James (House of Stewart) succeeded the childle (MORE)

When did Queen Elizabeth II get married?

The Queen married Prince Philip in Westminster Abbey on November20, 1947. Phillip, a prince of Greece and Denmark, was created Dukeof Edinburgh shortly before their marriage. At the time of theirwedding, Philip was 26 and Elizabeth was 21. How Elizabeth and Philip Met: Philip and Elizabeth met in (MORE)

Where does Queen Elizabeth II live?

Most of the time, Queen Elizabeth II and her consort, Prince Philip, live at Windsor Castle in Berkshire. She also often resides at Buckingham Palace in London, which is her official residence, and where her principal offices are maintained. She sometimes lives at her other private residences, San (MORE)

What jobs does Queen Elizabeth II do?

The Queen's working day begins like manypeople's - at her desk. After scanning the daily Britishnewspapers, The Queen reviews her correspondence. Every day, 200-300 (and sometimes manymore) letters from the public arrive. The Queen chooses a selectionto read herself and tells members of her staff (MORE)

If Queen Elizabeth I was a virgin queen then how is there a Queen Elizabeth II?

Monarchs choose which of their names they wish to be known by, not by family or dynasty. The present Queen of the United Kingdom is Elizabeth II because she is the second person named Elizabeth to ever to be Queen of that country or one of its predecessors, such as Queen of England. The numbering (MORE)

Who is Queen Elizabeth II Scotland?

Answer Scotland is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, so Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the current monarch is in effect Queen of Scotland although that title does not formally exist. In actual fact, Queen Elizabeth II is only Queen Elizabeth II in England. As Scotla (MORE)

Is Queen Elizabeth II leader?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a Constitutional Monarchy, with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State. This means that all actions of the government are carried out in the name of the Queen, but decisions are made by the elected Prime Minister, The Cabinet an (MORE)

Who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth II?

Elizabeth II's mother was the queen consort (wife) of George VI.She was also called Elizabeth. Before her marriage, she was knownas Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. When her husband became King shereceived the title of Queen Elizabeth, but she was not the monarch,so she had no regnal number. After the dea (MORE)

Where does Queen Elizabeth II get her money from?

Queen Elizabeth II gets her money from three main ways. TheSovereign Grant, the Privy Purse, a personal investment portfoliowhich includes several private estates produce money for QueenElizabeth II.

Who will succeed Queen Elizabeth II?

Her eldest son, Prince Charles If all goes according to plan, her son Charles the Prince of Wales will succeed to the throne. Failing that, Charles' eldest son, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge will succeed.

What responsibilities Queen Elizabeth II have?

The Duty of the Queen is to uphold the Lores of the MagnacartaMy Cousin Lizzie is responsible for the Happiness of the People and seeing that common law, that human rights are more important than business. It is her duty to make sure that all the sentient beings within her Domain, (that includes all (MORE)

Facts about Queen Elizabeth the II?

Facts on the queen Elizabeth ii. 1. The queen had four children charles, andrew, anne and edward. 2. The queens full name is elizabeth alexander mary windsor. 3. The queen was married to prince phillip. 4. 1977 was the queens silver jubilee. 5. 2002 was the queens golden jubilee

Who was the son of Queen Elizabeth II?

She has 3 sons and from birth they are 1. His Royal Highness The Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales 2. His Royal Highness The Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward, Duke of York 3. His Royal Highness The Prince Edward Antony Richard Louis, Earl of Wessex Each Prince are (MORE)

Is Elizabeth II the Queen of England?

No. There has not been a Queen or King of England since 1707. Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England is part of, but not the same as, The United Kingdom.

Is Elizabeth II the Queen of Canada?

Yes. === Her Majesty is Queen of Canada in her own right, and not by virtue of being Queen of any other realm. The Crowns are separate, one from the other, even though they are worn by the same person.

Why is Queen Elizabeth II queen?

Queen Elizabeth II is queen because the Act of Settlement (1701) provides that since the death of Queen Anne and William III, the senior descendant of the Electress Sophia of Hanover in agnatic primogeniture shall be the monarch of England unless he or she is a Catholic and unless he or she marries (MORE)

Why is Queen Elizabeth II a leader?

Queen Elizabeth II is the leader because of her mother was the Queen Elizabeth I.It was just pasted on to the next daughter and so on.And that's my answer for you

How many children did Queen Elizabeth II have?

HRM The Queen has four children. They are listed below in order of birth: HRH The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) - born 1948 HRH The Princess Royal (Princess Anne) - born 1950 HRH The Duke of York (Prince Andrew) - born 1960 HRH The Earl of Wessex (Prince Edward) - born 1964 Each of The Quee (MORE)

What motivates Queen Elizabeth II?

Her inmense sense of duty and love for the work she does. She comes from a background that taught her she was to become queen because of God's will, so she must think she is there because God put her there to do the best for her nations.

What is Queen Elizabeth II?

Either the current Sovereign Queen of the United Kingdom- who will celebrate her birthday on the 2lst of April. tomorrow as I type this, or the Cunard ocean liner- popularioly called QE2, of the same name.

Queen Elizabeth II---mother of?

HRH Charles, Prince of Wales HRH Anne, the Princess Royal HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

Is Queen Elizabeth II cathlic?

Her Majesty is the head of the Anglican Communion, which we call Episcopal. She was crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury- who is the senior Clergyman in the United Kingdom. However, it is known that Queen Elizabeth has had at least Three different audiences ( maybe summits would be a better word) (MORE)

Was Queen Elizabeth II on the Titanic?

Good gracious me, NO! She wasn't even born when the Titanic Disaster happened- no members of the English Royal family were aboard the Titanic, although a few British aristocrats were.

Why is the queen of England called the II if elizabeth I had no children?

Because she is the second queen to rule England of that name. It has nothing to do with having children, or else William I, Richard I, Richard II, Edward VI, Mary I, Charles II, William III, Mary II, William IV and Edward VI would also not count for none ever had a legitimate child. If you onl (MORE)

Which hospital was Queen Elizabeth II?

I don"t know of any hospitals named after Her Majesty. Curiously there is a Princesse Grace Polyclinic in Monaco, and the namesake of the clinic actually died there!( of injuries from automobile crash in September of l982). Thus she actually died in the Hospital named in her honor!

What did Queen Elizabeth II mother do?

Queen Elizabeth ll's mother was best known as "Queen Mother" Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was the wife of King George Vl. All through her life the she gave much of her time to the British public in visits, tours, opening events etc. She became the most popular and beloved member of the British Royal Fa (MORE)

Where will Queen Elizabeth II be buried?

Elizabeth's favorite home (of her many choices) is Windsor Castle, so it is likely she will be buried at St.George's Chapel within the castle walls--the place of burial of her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, as well as Henry VIII (& his 3rd wife, Jane Seymour), Charles I, Henry VI, and (MORE)

How many children does Queen Elizabeth II have and what are their names and titles?

Queen Elizabeth II has four children:. Charles Philip Arthur George born 14th November, 1948. His Royal Highness Prince Charles is the heir apparent (i.e. next in line) to the throne and is Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and, in Scotland, Duke of Rothsay. . Anne Elizabeth Louise born 15th Augu (MORE)

What education did Queen Elizabeth I II have?

She didn't have any Answer: This is incorrect. All the royals receive an education. Elizabeth was taught at home by private tutors. Subjects studied included French, mathematics, history, geography, dancing, singing and art.

When was Queen Elizabeth II reign?

Queen Elizabeth started to reign in 1952, February 7th and hasn't stopped. She is 86 years old and just a few days ago from 1st- 5th June 2012 was celebrating her diamond jubilee

Was Queen Elizabeth II named after Elizabeth I?

When Elizabeth II was born, she was not at that time a very likely heir to the throne. Her uncle was next in line and it appeared that the lineage would follow his line rather than her father's. Elizabeth's place in the line of succession became far less remote when her uncle, Edward VIII abdicated (MORE)

What is Elizabeth II queen of?

HM Queen Elizabeth II Of the . United Kingdom (1952-present) . Canada (1952-present) . Australia (1952-present) . New Zealand (1952-present) . Pakistan (1952-56) . South Africa (1952-61) . Ceylon (1952-72) . Ghana (1957-60) . Nigeria (1960-63) . Sierra Leone (1961-71) . Tanganyika (1 (MORE)

Did Queen Elizabeth II have an affair?

Queen Elizabeth II was reported to have confessed to an affair but it was never confirmed. There are rumors she had an affair with a man by the name of James.