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Who are the external stakeholders in a bank?

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The external stakeholders in banking industry are :

Customers,supplier,creditor, other banking and financing institutions, and the society and environment.
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What is a external stakeholder?

Entities such as customers, suppliers, lenders, or the wider society which influence and are influenced by an organization but are not its 'internal part'.

What is the difference between internal and external stakeholders?

Internal Stakeholders include owners of the business, customers,  suppliers, employees, and so forth. External stakeholders do not  own or work with the business, but still

What is internal and external stakeholder?

  Internal Stakeholders (stakeholders within the project organization or the project): Senior Management, Sponsors, Project Manager, Core Team... External Stakeholders (

Who are external stakeholders?

External stakeholders are all those who have a vested interest in the organization but who are not internally linked to the company. Examples of external stakeholders include:

Who are the external stakeholders of KFC?

External stakeholders are persons or groups outside of a business  that own shares in the organization. External stakeholders of KFC  would be any shareholder that does not
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What are stakeholders?

A stakeholder in a business is anyone that has an interest of some kind in the business. In a school, some of the main stakeholders would be Pupils, Employees, the Government,

Which report is submitted to external stakeholders?

A status report perhaps. It would depend on the the involvement of the stakeholder and what information they required. Essentially one could call the report what ever they w