Who are the main characters in the book The Bully?

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Darrell,Tyray and amberlyn
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Who are the main characters in the book hoot?

Roy Eberheardt, Beatrice Leep, Mullet Fingers, Dana Matherson, Officer Delinko, Curly, Check Muckle.....They call him Mullet Fingers because he doesn't have a family so they gave him a name....and this was it.

Who are the main characters in the book Eragon?

Eragon, Saphira, Brom, Murtagh, and Arya are important characters. Eragon and Saphira are technically the main protagonists, and the Shade is the main antagonist (since Galbatorix is only indirectly present in the story).

Who was the main character in jungle book?

Father Wolf and Mother Wolf, Old Baloo (the bear), Shere Khan (the tiger), Bagheera (Panther), Akela (the leader of wolf pack), Tabaqui (the dishliker) and Mowgli the frog. . Akela - An Indian Wolf . Bagheera - A melanistic (black) panther . Baloo- A Sloth Bear . Bandar-log - A tribe of monkeys (MORE)

Who are the main characters in the book peeled?

Hildy Biddle from her happy apple home town Banesville, new york, Elizabeth Hildies best friend, Zack the science geek, and some other people i don't know i forgot i just like typing :D I'm a geek for typing but best book ever making project on it type type type :D any one got any ideas on who the c (MORE)

Who are the main characters in the book HIVE?

The main 4 characters in this series are Otto Malpense, Wing Fanchu, Shelby Trinity (aka. The Wraith) and Laura Brand (who is obviously the best!!). In addition to these 4 there is also Nigel Darkdoom, Franz Argentblum, Maximillian Nero and Natalia (aka. Raven).

What are the main characters trying to do in the book twilight?

Well there are a lot of main characters in the book twilight! But if you are talking about the "good guys" then... . They are trying to keep Bella safe from the "bad guys " ( aka James and Victoria )who want to , basically feed on Bella. . Well in the end it really comes down to keeping Bella s (MORE)

Who are the main characters in the book The Crossing?

The protagonist in The Crossing is Billy Parham, the son of a rancher in southwest New Mexico, who, when the main action of the novel begins, is sixteen years old. Billy is fascinated by the wildness that both wolves and Mexico represent. His obsession with capturing the marauding wolf makes him int (MORE)

Why will Percy not be the main character in book 6?

The author, Rick Riordon, has decided that Percy's story has been told, the old Great Prophecy was completed, and now there is going to be a bunch more campers. Riordon has decided tobyell one of their stories instead, for Percy's is done. Riordon has said that Percy and the others would be in the s (MORE)

Who are the main characters in the book twilight eclipse?

Main Characters Bella Swan Edward Cullen Jacob Black Other Important Characters Charlie Swan (Bella's Dad) Billy Black (Jacob's Dad) Sam The Wolf Pack (Group of Characters) Victoria Carlisle Cullen Rosalie Hale Jasper Hale Alice Cullen Emmett Cullen Jessica Angela Mike Ben

Who are the main characters in the book fudge-a- mania?

—The main character is Peter. He is the oldest in Hachers family and he had a little brother named Fudge who is 5 years old and he is the youngest in his family. Sheila is the only kid in Tubman's family. Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher is Peter and Fudge's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tubman's is Sheila's pare (MORE)