What is a sitting president?

A sitting president is the current president. US Presidents are called "President" until they die, reference therefore to the present-day president is made as 'sitting Preside (MORE)

What does impeachement do to a sitting president?

If we are talking US Officials, an impeachment is a statement of charges (by the House of Representative) much like an indictment. If a simple majority votes "yes", the person (MORE)

What does the meaning sitting below your salt mean?

In the Middle Ages, it was common for the entire household of an important person to sit down at table together. The table, in the Great Hall, might be up to thirty feet long. (MORE)
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What is the origin of the expression sit below the salt?

Sit below the salt To be of a low social rank. This phrase, first seen in print around 1597, comes from European dining halls where the host sat at the head of the dinin (MORE)

What sitting Vice-President has run against a sitting President?

This happened in 1800 when VP Thomas Jefferson ran against President John Adams. In those days the presidential candidate with the second most votes became vice president so J (MORE)