Who are the top scoring defenders in international football?

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Roberto carlos, willam Gallas are a few of them.
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What is the score of a forfeited football international game?

Answer Forfeited Games 2005 NCAA rules: ARTICLE 2. The score of a forfeited game, or a suspended game that later results in a forfeiture, shall be: Offended Team-1, Opponent-0. If the offended team is ahead at the time of forfeit, the score stands (Rules 3-3-3- a and b, and Rules 9-2-3-a and b).

Who scored the most goals in Top Flight football?

Pel� has scored the most goals in professional top flight football. He ended his career with a total of 1281 goals in 1363 matches, becoming the highest goalscorer in professional football ever.. Incorrect - Many people would say that, but Artur Friedenreich, a former Brazilian international f

What does a defender do in football?

A defender is someone who plays defense and tries to either A: sack the quarter-back or B: prevent a pass being caught or C: prevent a run from going far.