Who are the top ten ACC men's basketball career scoring leaders?

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1. Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina 2872 2. J. J. Redick, Duke 2769 3. Dickie Hemric, Wake Forest 2587
4. Johnny Dawkins, Duke 2556 5. Rodney Monroe, N. C. State 2551
6. Bryant Stith, Virginia 2516 7. Christian Laettner, Duke 2460 8. Mike Gminski, Duke 2323 9. Jeff Lamp, Virginia 2317 10. David Thompson, N. C. State 2309
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Who is the all time career points leader in NCAA basketball?

Travis Grant played at Kentucky State in the 70s. They were an NCAA school at that time.. Answer . Division One: Pete Maravich, LSU, 3667 points. Division Two: Travis Grant, Kentucky State, 4045 points. Division Three: John Pierce, David Lipscomb College, 4230 points.. Answer . David Lipscom (MORE)

Who are the top scoring leaders in NBA history?

Answer . Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the all time leader in points scored in a carrer with Karl Malone second all time, but the highest scoring average for a season is Wilt Chamberlain. The all time carreer scoring average record is Michael Jordan with an average of 30.1

Who are top individual men's NCAA career scoring leaders?

1. Pete Maravich (LSU) 3,667 pts.. 2. Freeman Williams (Portland State) 3,249. 3. Lionel Simmons (LaSalle) 3,217. 4. Alphonso Ford (Miss. Valley St.) 3,165. 5. Harry Kelly (Tex. Southern) 3,066. 6. Keydren Clark (St. Peter's) 3,058. 7. Hersey Hawkins (Bradley) 3,008. 8. Oscar Robertson (Cinci (MORE)

Who holds the NCAA men's basketball career points record?

NCAA Div I Career scoring leader . \n"Pistol" Pete Maravich scored 3,667 career points for LSU. He ended his college career in 1970. In that era, freshman were not allowed to play on the varsity team, so Pete achieved his scoring total in only 3 college seasons. He averaged around 44 points a (MORE)

Who are the top ten career scoring leaders in Big Ten men's basketball?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n2009 we've got... \n. \n1. Manny Harris of Michigan \n. \n2. Talor Battle of Penn State \n. \n3. Evan Turner of Ohio State \n. \n4. Kevin Coble of North Western \n. \n5. DeShawn Sims of Michigan \n. \n6. Craig Moore of North Western\n. \n7. Kalin Lucas of Michigan S (MORE)

Who are the top ten players in basketball?

Currently, the list goes like this: . LeBron James . Chris Paul . Kobe Bryant . Dwyane Wade . Dwight Howard . Amare Stoudemire . Chris Bosh . Steve Nash . Kevin Garnett . Kevin Martin

Who are the top ten scoring averages in a season in college basketball history?

1968-Pete Maravich, LSU: 43.8 ppg. 1969-Pete Maravich, LSU: 44.2 ppg. 1970-Pete Maravich, LSU: 44.5 ppg. 1954-Frank Selvy, Furman: 41.7 ppg. 1971-Johnny Neumann, Mississippi:40.1 ppg. 1962-Billy McGill, Utah: 38.8 ppg. 1977-Freeman Williams, Portland State: 38.8 ppg. 1968-Calvin Murphy, Niaga (MORE)

Who are the top scoring leaders in acc history?

as of March 20, 2009 . 1. Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina 2789. 2. J. J. Redick, Duke 2769. 3. Dickie Hemric, Wake Forest 2587 . 4. Johnny Dawkins, Duke 2556. 5. Rodney Monroe, N. C. State 2551 . 6. Bryant Stith, Virginia 2516. 7. Christian Laettner, Duke 2460. 8. Mike Gminski, Duke 2323. (MORE)

Top ten all time NCAA basketball scoring leaders?

Total Points: Player, Team (Division)............................ Season Yrs. G FG 3FG FT Pts. Travis Grant, Kentucky St. (II).................... 1972 4 121 1,760 - 525 4,045 Bob Hopkins, Grambling (II)..................... 1956 4 126 1,403 - 953 3,759 Pete Maravich, LSU (I)................ (MORE)

Who scored the most points in a men's college basketball game?

Frank Selvy is the only person to score 100 points in an NCAA Division I game, when he scored exactly 100 for Furman against Newberry College, a Division II school, in a 149-95 rout on February 13, 1954. (41-66 FG, 18-22 FT) . Clarence "Bevo" Francis has the NCAA all-division record of 113 point (MORE)

Who are the top ten all time leading scorers in ACC basketball?

MOST POINTS - ACC CAREER …….Points...First...Last...Yrs...Gms….Avg…. 1…..2,836 ...2005...2009... 4 … 140 … 20.3 Tyler Hansbrough, UNC (active) 2…..2,769 ...2002...2006... 4 … 139 … 19.9 J.J. Redick, Duke 3…..2,587 ...1951...1986... 4 â (MORE)

Which ncaa Division I men's basketball coaches have the most career wins?

NCAA MEN'S COACHING LEADERS . (not updated) . The top 10 NCAA men's coaches in victories: . Coach School(s). Wins . 1. Bob Knight* Army, Indiana, Texas Tech. 880 . 2. Dean Smith North Carolina. 879 . 3. Adolph Rupp Kentucky. 876 . 4. Don Meyer Hamline, Lipscomb, Northern State. 841 . 5. (MORE)

Which active NCAA division I men's basketball coaches have the most career wins?

1. Mike Krzyzewski - Duke - (803-267). 2. Eddie Sutton - San Francisco - (804-327). 3. Lute Olson* - Arizona - (781-280). 4. Jim Calhoun - Connecticut - (773-337). 5. Jim Boeheim - Syracuse - (771-277). 6. Bob Huggins - West Virginia (616-222). Technically, Lute Olson is not currently active. (MORE)

Top 10 shot blockers in men's basketball?

1.Hakeem Olajuwan 2.Dikembe Mutumbo 3.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 4.Alonzo Mourning 5.David Robinson 6.Shaquille O'neal 7.Ben Wallace 8.Kevin Garnett 9.Patrick Ewing 10.Michael Jordan

Top ten all time scoring leaders in the nba?

10. Alex English - 25,613 points . 9. John Havlicek - 26,395 points . 8. Dominique Wilkins - 26,669 points 7. Oscar Robertson - 26,710 points . 6. Elvin Hayes - 27,313 points . 5. Moses Malone - 27,409 points . 4. Michael Jordan - 29,277 points . 3. Karl Malone - 30,599 points . 2. Wilt (MORE)

Who holds the record for most career steals in acc basketball history?

Johnny Rhodes from Maryland (1992-96) with 344. He also has the ACC record for steals per game for his career (2.82), steals in a single season (110), and steals per game for a single season (3.7). See this 2012 ACC press release for reference: http://www.theacc.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/02091 (MORE)

Who are the top ten career touchdown leaders?

1. Jerry Rice - 207 Touchdowns (197 Receiving/10 Rushing) . 2. Emmitt Smith - 175 Touchdowns (164 Rushing/11 Receiving) . 3. Marcus Allen - 144 Touchdowns (123 Rushing/21 Receiving) . 4 . Terrell Owens - 136 Touchdowns (134 Receiving/2 Rushing) . 5 . Marshall Faulk - 136 Touchdowns (100 Rushi (MORE)

Who are the top 5 career passing leaders in big ten history?

Drew Brees, Purdue (11,792 yards from 1997-2000) . Curtis Painter, Purdue (11,163 yards from 2005-08) . Brett Basanez, Northwestern (10,580 from 2002-05) . Chuck Long, Iowa (10,461 yards from 1981-85) . Mark Herrmann, Purdue (9,946 yard from 1977-80) . Visit fbsstatistics.com for a complete lis (MORE)

List of the leading ACC men's basketball scoring leaders?

JJ aka Gay Gay Reddick is in first right now. I believe that he is a hundred or two up on the next closest guy and Tylers Hansbrough is soon to pass Phil Ford for the 8th spot I think. JJ aka Gay Gay Reddick is in first right now. I believe that he is a hundred or two up on the next closest guy and (MORE)

Who are top individual men's NCAA division I career scoring leaders?

This is college FOOTBALL you moron. . http://www.basketball.com/menscollege/records/NCAADiv1careerScoreLdrs.shtml. Although the site is a bit behind. Tyler Hansbrough is currently 11th on that list based on the numbers I've found and will most likely add some points to his total in Monday's cha (MORE)

Top ten careers in home economics?

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What was Minnesota University's Men's basketball season ending score?

The school known commonly as "Minnesota" is not "Minnesota University." It is the "University of Minnesota." If this is the school you are asking about, then the answer is that Minnesota's season-ending score was a 78-64 loss to South Region #3-seed Florida in a third-round game of the 2013 (MORE)