Who are the users of a bra?

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Typically the users of a bra are women although not all women wear them. Sometimes men would like to have support.
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What is a bra?

A bra is an undergarment that supports a woman's breasts. . This is more important where the breasts are relatively large, or have sagged due to nursing, increased weight, or

What is a user?

someone how uses a device or any services device can be computer,cell phone ... A service can be A website Email provider ........

What is the bra?

Well a bra is an incredible invention that supports the boobs. (girls) there are many sizes like 32, 32A and so on. They have them in full cup,wired,seamless,bombshell, and wh

What do bras do?

something that girls use. that is all you need to know help their boobs to fight against gravity.!

Why is a bra called a bra?

Well, the word is French, and it evolved from being used as the name for a military breastplate.. To find out more, check out "Etymology" in this wikipedia article: http://en

When do you get a bra?

When your nips start showing through your shirt and you look like you have gross pointy nipple towers.

When to get a bra?

Training bras are usually purchased early on in puberty when you notice your breasts start growing. The key is if you think you need one, you should get one.

Who is a user?

A user is a the person who uses the computer and will have a user account there are 2 types of user account Local User And domain user a local user is an account created on

Do you were a bra?

No! I'm a guy. But seriously, girls at their puberty age should always wear a bra, so that their breasts got a support. Latter on, it will be your choice. Generally girls wit
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When do you get bras?

we get bras when we get enlarged breasts and we wear bras to prevent it fro
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What is userization?

Userization is an economic model based on joint ownership. For the first time, this model has been proposed by Dr Andrej Poleev in his manuscript of the same title. Referenc
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Why are there bras?

a bra is to help cover your breasts and to keep boys away from touching your breasts.
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Is a user or an user?

Proper grammar is to include a N prior to a word starting with avowel sound. 'User' has a hard U that sounds like a Y, andtherefore is a user . Conversely, 'hour' has a silen
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Is the Genie Bra a sleeping bra?

Depends. Some people have said if you are sleeping with a bra on, you could get breast cancer and less worse, breast pain . The Genie Bra has no hooks, compared to others.