Who are the vikings and their gods and history?

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Skandinavians. Thor. Loke...There were many belives.
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What is viking history?

The Viking named Leif Ericsson came to Canada and named it Vinland.. He was the 1st person to visit Canada .. He came even before John Cabot, Jaques Cartier, and Samuel de Champlain.. Also, the Vikings pray to the god Thor . (You know the one with the hammer)

Why are the Vikings important in history?

They made really stupid noises when they hit things. Such as "whaaa!" and 'HIYAAAAA!" and maybe even "whaaa-chaaaa!" ~~What you see below is the REAL answer, copy and paste it to your report for an "A"~~ Danish seamen, painted mid-twelfth century.. This article is part of the Scandinav (MORE)

Who are the Viking gods?

This is a basic list and the subjects they rule over... I'm sure I've missed some, but if someone else thinks of who they are, feel free to add them.... Aegir - beer, gold, hospitality, sea & water. Baldur - light, wisdom & wisdom. Bil - destiny & weaving. Bragi - knowledge. Eir - healing, medicin (MORE)

Vikings history Was their history for them good or bad?

vikings actually had a good history. they were the first europeans in the americas. think about that! also they weren't all barbarians, as some call them, some were scholars and just as smart as the people who hated them.

Why did the Vikings have gods?

Answer . People worship gods for many reasons, perhaps originally because this gave them some control over their lives. They could call on their gods to ensure a good crop, a victory in war, help in a crisis or any other worthwhile purpose.. Some people continue to worship the gods of their pare (MORE)

What are the viking gods and functions?

The Viking gods, or Norse gods, are originally two groups of gods. One group is called Aesir and the second group is called Vanir. Vanir were considered wise and skilled in magical arts.They were usually worshiped in connection with prosperity and the harvest from the earth. In contrast Aesir were w (MORE)

What is a brief history of the viking alphabet?

The vikings used a runic alphabet, which was actually shared by several Germanic languages, including Old English. The oldest inscriptions date from about 150 CE and disappeared around 700 CE. The origin of the Runes is unknown.

Names of viking gods?

Gods: Baldr, Borr, Bragi, Buri, Dagr, Delling, Forseti, Freyr, Hoor, Hoenir, Kvasir, Loki, Magni, Mani, Mimir, Njoror, Odin, Thor, Tyr, Ullr, Vali, Ve, Vioarr. Goddesses: Eir, Eostre, Elli, Freyja, Frigg, Fulla, Gefjun, Hel, Hlin, Iounn, Joro, Lofn, Nanna, Nott, Saga, Ran, Sif, Sjofn, Skaoi, Snot (MORE)

Who were called the keepers of viking history?

The popes of Europe and a gindence leader Nitsuj . He was a old pope of Ireland but decided to go to Europe to hel out with the European raids. The keepers of viking history and legend were called skalds. These poets needed to have excellent memories and be good singers. They carried whole historie (MORE)

Where did loki the viking god live?

In addition to the named above, I have to add one more: Sleipnir.Sleipnir is Odin 's steed, is the child of Loki and Svaðilfari , is described as the best of allhorses, and is sometimes ridden to the location of Hel . The Prose Edda contains extended information regarding the circumstances (MORE)

Why did the vikings believe in the god of Thor?

Likely the answer is because as a northern, sea-faring people, the Vikings were definitely exposed to many, many thunderstorms, and anyone who's seen a thunderstorm knows that such a natural occurrence is extremely powerful and terrifying in some circumstances. Like the Greeks, the Celts, and any ot (MORE)

Which weekday is not named for a viking god?

Saturday is still a remnant of the Roman God Saturn, and thus not named after a Norse God. Sunday is Sunna's day, the Goddess (female unlike most cultures which depict the Sun as a male entity) of the Sun. Monday is named after Máni, the Norse God (note that he's male) of the Moon, and brot (MORE)

Is Monday named for a viking god?

Sunday - Sun's day. Monday - Moon's day. Tuesday - Tyr's day. Wednesday - Odin's day. Thursday - Thor's day. Friday - Freya's day. Saturday - Saturn's day. Tyr, Odin, Thor are Norse (Viking) Gods and Freya is a Goddess. Other days are named after planets.. But also.... Tuesday - Mars's day (MORE)

How did vikings impact history?

The Vikings have had a huge impact on the Western World. Obviously their culture and language is stamped indelibly into their native Scandinavia, but also somewhat in places that they colonised. The United Kingdom has many words and place-names of Viking origin, and they ruled large parts of it at v (MORE)

Who was the most popular viking god?

The previous answer is wrong, actually four weekdays are namedafter norse gods. Three of them are more or less the same inEnglish as in the original Norse. I will be using the Norwegian equivelants to these weekdays, as itis the closest you get to ancient Norse. I have written the norwegian name of (MORE)

Who is the vikings god?

A person or thing that lives in asgard Answer: The Vikings were polytheistic They had a pantheon of gods each with their own area of control, interest or purpose. originally there were two groups of gods, the Æsir and the Vanir. After a war thee two groups united. Vikings also acknowledged an (MORE)

How did viking pray to the gods?

Vikings were Norse. Their religion is Asatru. As of my knowledge, four Gods in Asatru: Odin, Thor, Tyr and Freya. Freya is a Goddess. = The above is partially right. Their religion is what now a days is called Asatru, or Norse Reconstructionism. Of course its been slightly adapted to fit modern (MORE)

How many gods did the vikings worship?

The people of the Viking age honored many Gods and Goddesses. There were two tribes, the Aesir, and the Vanir. It is believed by some that the Vanir were the native Gods of the people who were indigenous to the Northern European lands before the Indo-European migration. The Aesir being the Gods (MORE)

What gods do the vikings worship?

Vikings worshiped gods found in Norse Mythology, most notable being: Odin; the father of all gods Frigga; the mother of all gods and wife of Odin Thor, the god of strength and son of Odin Freya; the goddess of love and beauty Freyr; the god of fertility and twin brother to Freya Tyr; th (MORE)

Why do vikings believe in gods?

Why does anyone believe in gods? That is a question with as many answers as there are people on this Earth. To explain reality, because gods do exist, to comfort their own fears, because their stories about gods represent archetypal concepts...maybe even because the gods in question are aliens from (MORE)

Who is balder in the viking gods?

Baldur--- The son of Odin and Frigg, was described as a very handsome and wise god. Some consider him to be a god of light since he was so bright (intelligent), light shined from him. Balder's wife was Nanna and they had a son named Forseti. At one point Balder had a foreboding dream. Odin rode to H (MORE)

What is the viking gods history?

If by "History" you mean where did this God come from? or which God and Goddess was this God's parents? you would be better off looking up and studying the information yourself. The reason I'm saying this is because like the Greek and Roman Gods the Norse Gods and religion is huge and diverse and if (MORE)

Why were the viking gods worshipped?

Why are any Gods worshipped? The biggest reason for the creation of different cultures Gods is ancient mans attempts to explain and understand the forces happening around them. Look at it this way. To us a storm is no big deal, we know what causes them as well as we know what causes lightening a (MORE)

Who was the first viking god?

Odin's father's father was most likely the first god, His name was Buri. His son was the father of Odin, Vili, and Ve.

Were do the viking gods live?

Gods Odin never live anywhere he is always sailing from one sea to another, like for now he is still sailing from Palama to Gatanta that is a godes village with his children, then sometime he rest in vahali, where all the appointed dead warriors are rest.

Who were the enemies of the Viking Gods?

In Norse (Viking) mythology the main enemies of the Gods were the Jotnar, or Giants. But they did have other enemies. Loki, the Norse trickster god killed the god Balder by tricking Hoder the blind god. He was chained beneath a snake that drips venom onto his face. Also the wolf monster Fenrir that (MORE)

Why effect did the Vikings have on Scandinavian history?

Vikings were sea-going explorers & sea raiders. By virtue of such men leaving and returning constantly from far shores, they inherently brought back with them to their homelands new ideas, new theories, new items, medicines, foods, machines, languages, etc.

How did the vikings pray to odin the god?

The Vikings worshiped their god Odin with an annual festival. As part of their prayer rituals, animals were sacrificed to the gods. Music was a part of this festival.

What was the largest viking army in history?

The largest is uncertain, however here are some large vikingarmies: - the Norwegian army during the battle of stamford bridge - est.300 ships, 15 000 men - The great heathen army - No reference to the actual size of ithas been found other than about 350 longships - (Not really a viking army) but Th (MORE)

Was Santa a real viking god?

No, Santa is a fake character, in which parents tell their children to get them to behave, so that Santa won't put them in the naughty list. But that is not the only use of Santa, he also can be used to get a child to have a good Christmas holiday, until they discover the sad truth. So, actually San (MORE)

What was the viking god odin of?

Odin was the major Norse god. Norse gods were not gods of anything like Roman or Greek gods. However, they can be associated with something. Thor, for example, being associated with thunder, and Freja with beauty.

Who were the viking gods and what were they gods of?

Odin Odin was the chief god in the Norse mythology, and the father of Thor, Balder, Hoder, Tyr, Bragi, Heimdall, Ull, Vidar, Hermod and Vali. His wives were Fjorgyn, Frigga and Rind. He had a bad habit to roam around Midgard in human disguise seducing and impregnating women. This is why many morta (MORE)