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The World Egyptian Rite Masons was a small pseudo-Masonic order created by and largely consisting of Warren Rodgers of Pontiac, MI after Frank Ripel expelled him from MEAPRMM, another small pseudo-Masonic order recognized unrecognized by any other Masonic body. Both WERM and MEAPRMM are revivals of the rite of Memphis-Misraim. With Rodgers' death in late 2014, the order is presumed extinct.
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What is a mason and what do they do?

Masons construct buildings from "masonry." There are three kinds--brick masons work in brick, block masons in block and stone masons in stone. Laying brick is very similar to laying block, but it's different enough that a lot of masons will lay either brick or block, but not both. Most masons are me (MORE)

Does the Pentecostal Holiness church accept Masonic rites?

Rites? Do you mean Rituals? I don't speak for all Pentecostal Churches but I can tell you that all rituals have a ruler. Rites or rituals are performed for or to someone or something. I personally don't know about your rites but ask yourself are they performed to Jesus? If it's not Jesus, then it (MORE)

What is a rite?

In English the word "rite" ordinarily means, the ceremonies, prayers , and functions of any religious body, whether pagan , Jewish, Moslem , or Christian .. Theses many religions all:. have the same sacraments, the same faith, the same unity but they have different liturgy, different laws, the (MORE)

Who has more power a 32nd degree mason of the Scottish rite or a knights templar of the york rite?

It depends on what you mean by "power." If you mean the power to read a newspaper through brick walls, or fly through the air unseen for long distances, or bend steel bars with your bare hands, or melt stainless steel with your x-ray vision, then the answer would clearly have to be a 32nd Degree Sco (MORE)

What Egyptian pharaoh found the worlds first monotheistic religion?

King Akhenaten instituted the monotheistic worship of Aten during his lifetime, but polytheism was restored upon his death around 1330 BCE. However, this may not have been the first monotheistic religion, since some scholars believe that Zoroastrianism was founded as a monotheistic religion even ear (MORE)

What was the Egyptian cultural capital of the Hellenistic world?

Alexandria was the cultural capital of Egypt during the Hellenisticperiod. Alexandria was the main port city of Egypt and trade hadexpanded greatly during the Hellenistic period. Alexandria was alsoan intellectual capital, having the largest library and anextensive museum.

How do the Egyptians believe the world was created?

The Egyptians had a number of creation myths, mostly dealing with chaos from which the ordered universe emerged. The Myth of Osiris and Isis is the most important of these. In it, Osiris the divine ruler, is murdered by his brother Sett, representing chaos. Osiris is resurrected by Isis, who bears (MORE)

What is the greatest contribution of the Egyptians to today's world?

Assuming you mean the ancient Egyptians, they contributed many things to today's world, and it's open to debate what their greatest legacy was. Some would say structural engineering, some might say astronomy, others might say the development of mathematics. They also introduced some advanced legal (MORE)

Is Michael Mason the coolest in the world?

My Opinion would be that Michael Mason is better and cooler then any other Michael. And that includes Michael Gerber, Michael Holmes, and even Michael Duckmanboob!. My Opinion would be that Michael Mason is better and cooler then any other Michael. And that includes Michael Gerber, Michael Holmes, (MORE)

Why do Scottish rite masons wear hats?

The different colors and emblems on the hats indicate the Degree or"rank" of a member, Black being the lowest and white the highest.There are also purple and blue hats that denote officers within theScottish Rite itself. This is a very simplistic answer, if you wantto learn more join up.... All you (MORE)

How did the natural world affect the ancient Egyptians' beliefs and values?

Animals were the ancient Egyptians main source of mythology and beliefs. Animals such as cats protected their farms from mice and thus destruction. Over the centuries each generation saw that their parents place more and more importance on cats for their importance and they became gained the status (MORE)

In World of Warcraft how do you do the Rite of Vision quest?

At the tribal fire next to Zarlman Two-Moons, drink the Water of the Seers you received the previous quest. It takes something around 30 seconds but when you finish you will see the Vision Wolf emerge from the flames. Follow this vision to the North-West, trying to avoid mobs. If you lose track of w (MORE)

Why are the egyptian pyramids a world heritage site?

Because these pyramids have lasted for thousands of years, from the dawn of ancient civilization to the present. They were also very important to the Ancient Egyptian Civilizations, one of the oldest and most influential civilizations.

How do you know what degree you are in York Rite Freemasonry if you are aMark Master mason in Mark and a Companion in Chapter?

Mark Master Mason (MMM) is directly after the Master Mason degree;then is Past Master (PM), Most Excellent Master (MEM), then theRoyal Arch Degree at which time the Brother becomes a Companion.The Chapter Degrees are not numbers like in the Scottish Rite orBlue Lodge. In Britain, the order of these (MORE)

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How has the rite to confirmation?

Any righteous person who believes in Christ, is baptized for the remission of his sins may receive the ordinance of Confirmation.

Egyptian God cards in World Championship 2010?

There is no possible way of getting the Egyptian God cards without the use of an Action Replay, or a similar device. However, Slifer the Sky Dragon will be available for download on Wi-Fi on April 30.

What are funeral rites?

The burial procession accompanying a body to the grave.An end or a cessation of existence. A ceremony or group of ceremonies held in connection with the burial or cremation of a dead person. Archaic. The eulogy delivered or the sermon preached at such a ceremony.

Did Mormons get their temple rites from the Masons?

No. There are a few similarities between the temple ceremonies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) and the Masonic rites, but the Mormons didn't get the temple ceremonies from the Masons. Mormons believe that Joseph Smith wrote the temple ceremonies through revel (MORE)

Do egyptians have the smartest brains in the world?

Of course they inented written language, chemistry,engineering giant structures with extreme pressision, also medicine, beer,wine religion. Monotheism, after life, the current calender,. White dress for weddind, black dress for funerals,lipstic,. Mascara, eye shadoww, huge tranceoceanic ship (MORE)

What is The Rite about?

Follows skeptical seminary student Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue), who reluctantly attends exorcism school at the Vatican. While he's in Rome, Michael meets an unorthodox priest, Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins), who introduces him

What is the Ancient Egyptian Myth of the End of the World?

End of the universe Egyptian texts typically treat the dissolution of the world as a possibility to be avoided, and for that reason they do not often describe it in detail. However, many texts allude to the idea that the world, after countless cycles of renewal, is destined to end. This end is des (MORE)

How did the British treat the Egyptians during World War 2?

The Brits had soldiers in Egypt at the time the Nazis invaded Egypt. Even though Egypt had a partial independence from the UK's Commonwealth they were still on friendly terms with the Brits and the British soldiers. Thankfully, the Brits defeated the Nazis in Northern Africa. They managed to stop th (MORE)

How did the Egyptian social structure affect the world?

The Egyptian system with the king (Pharaoh) at the top under him the nobles, priests all the way down to the peasants and the slaves at the very bottom. This system became the basis of the feudal system which existed in Europe until the 19th century. Unlike the Egyptians where the king was a god the (MORE)

Is 97 percent of water of world available for human use?

Of the 70% of the world covered in water, only 2.5% of that 70% is freshwater. only about 1% of that fresh water is readily available for human consumption (the rest is frozen, buried, or vapor); that's .007% of all water on earth that is readily available for consumption.

What are the contributions of the Egyptians to the world?

Historically speaking they solved major architectural problems. Irrigation, administration of an empire, first professional army, The ancient Greeks learned a lot from Egypt and then went ahead with their own contributions to the world.

Is 97 an A?

In terms of an exam, 97% would be an A. In computing, the ASCII code 97 gives the lowercase a, and 65 gives a capital A.

Does Egyptian mythology have an end of the world?

If you refer to Egyptian mythology, your answer would be no. In that case Egyptians believe in an after life that you will enjoy. I have read once in a book about Egyptians saying that you can do any thing you cant do when you are alive.