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Who banned segregation? The US Supreme Court in the landmark case of Brown vs. Board of Education (of Topeka) in 1954. The court decided that the standing rule that came out of the case of Plessy vs. Ferguson only some 60 years earlier, which said that segregation was constitutionally acceptable, was wrong. Because ultimately there was no such thing as "separate, but equal" and that inevitably one group of people, principally Black people, wound up with "less than equal" accommodations, education, lives, and most importantly, lesser opportunity. And we are a country that is all about opportunity. The Brown case applied to public education. Subsequent cases and laws applied to public transportation, housing, restaurants, and virtually every kind of situation where segregation impaired opportunity. About the only place where segregation is still "legal" (or more appropriately "accepted") are those relatively few situations meant for a particular ethnic, cultural or racial group, such as a Native American homeland, where people of other backgrounds may be welcomed but are not entitled to certain benefits enjoyed by the Native American population, or Native Hawaiians who have homestead rights tied to their bloodline and can prevent those with less than 25% "pure" Hawaiian ancestry from owning land in certain areas.
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