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Who can help a person that is being gang stalked group harassed or another name that was used in the McCarthy era was red squads which psychologically drove people to commit suicide which was the goal?

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A victim should help him or herself by gathering evidence to convince people this is not the signs of schizophrenia.
Video and audiotape gangstalkers who are near you while you are driving or walking. Gather as much evidence as possible this way. Because it is hard for those who have not experienced it to recognize the patterns, you may need hundreds of hours of footage.
Write down plates, makes and models of cars, and the descriptions of drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians who are stalking you. Don't hide that you are doing these things, not from the stalkers and not from anyone. In fact, start a website and post the footage at once, and post it to Youtube and anywhere else you can post it, and make sure through people you trust that what you posted is visible.
Tell everyone what is going on now. Take friends and family for ride alongs and point out your stalkers. They will still follow you, most likely, if you're out long enough. Especially if they think you're up to something else. Remember, a lot of this is law enforcement based. They don't like losing track of their targets.
Study how to spot feds/cops/gang stalkers (often one and the same and definitely the gang stalkers use fed/cop tactics when following victims in cars).
Make sure your activities are legal, and make sure you don't run with a crowd who carries out illegal activities. Also, keep receipts from gas stations, stores, and so on, and keep people updated on your whereabouts, keep your car locked, and your house, and make sure people, including law enforcement, know you fear being framed. Since some criminals will frame victims, law enforcement or members of law enforcement not involved in the stalking will be warned.
Look for signs you are being slandered, such as people questioning your sanity, feigning or actually being suddenly afraid or nervous around you, as though you might attack or snap or etc.
Try to stay calm, don't start ranting and raving at them, at least not where anyone else can hear you. They want you to run, wild-eyed, to your friends and gibber. So don't. Be calm, assure everyone you tell (and you should tell everyone) that you have never thought you were being followed before, and that you plan to get proof, and hey, invite them to 'ride along' with you as often as they want. Give them your car, plate, and people descriptions and keep them updated (I know, it's a pain to do this while you're driving, just scribble without looking and try to figure it out later).
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