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Star Wars was created or directed by George Lucas
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How could you create a lightsaber like the ones in Star Wars?

Answer:   It hasn't been done...yet. But in the sci-fi terms that define what a lightsaber is constructed of, it wouldn't work. But even George Lucas himself admitted tha

Star Wars Empire at War?

A computer game where you pick either Empire or Rebels and conquer each planet to rule the galaxy or save it. You can play online, campaign, and battle, space battle and land

What is Star Wars?

For a cleaner answer ask "What is Starwars" (Starwars one word).\n\n\n\n Star wars is a movie. The episodes 1-3 are filmed by George Lucas but episodes 4-6 are filmed by Matt

Who stars in Star Wars?

In the first trilogy (Episode IV, V and VI), the heroes are Luke  Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando.   In the 2nd trilogy (Episode I, II and III), the

What is Star Wars about?

Star Wars, a epic saga of twisted plots to wipe out the Jedi (Peacekeepers of the good). The main plotters are the Sith (Usually only 2 at a time, see Darth Banes rule for mor

Who was the star of Star Wars?

I believe that Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Luke are the stars of star  wars. Obi-Wan was the one who defeated Darth Maul, trained Anakin,  defeated Grevious, defeated Anakin/Vader

Why did George Lucas create the Star Wars The Clone Wars animated series?

Because he apparently wanted to better explain why they fought the Clone Wars, and to expand the characters stories filling in as many gaps in the Star Wars universe as much a

When was c3po in Star Wars created?

C-3PO was actually in all the movies but was created before episode I (1), which was the fourth movie created. The sequence in which the movies were made is: first:episode IV

What was Star Wars in the cold war?

Star wars in the cold war was a satellite Ronald Reagan had set up in space to find missiles before they got to America and shoot them down over the ocean. Reagan called his p

What inspired George Lucas to create Star Wars?

He wanted to (and I'm quoting the man himself) "I made Star Wars because no one else is making movies like this and I wanted it to be a success so everyone will copy it. Then

Why did they have clone wars In Star Wars?

The Republic was getting crushed losing Jedi constantly. They found  the Clone army on Kamino, and it was all they could find in such a  short time. The war was all a trick

How are stars created?

Stars are formed when clouds of gas, predominantly hydrogen and  helium, and dust begin to condense due to gravity. The collapsing  cloud forms a large, hot core that develo