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What is an electrical conductor?

An electrical conductor is a substance that permits electrons to flow through it easily. Most metals are good conductors. In contrast, insulators are strongly resistant to any flow of electrons. Semiconductors can be controlled in their conductivity, to be either "on" or "off" depending upo (MORE)

What are conductors of electricity?

Conductors of electricity are materials that let electricity pass through them. A good conductor of electricity is something that allows electricity to flow smoothly. Some conductors include silver, copper, gold, aluminum, and calcium.

Why is felt a conductor of electricity?

It isn't--although if you wet felt with saltwater or other electrolyte it is useful for some purposes. **if you get anything wet, it can be a conductor :P

Is steel an electrical conductor?

yes,steel is a metal and all metals are good conductors of electricity no you are wrong their not every metal is a good conductor yes every metal is a conductor but not all are good conductor.

Is blood an electrical conductor?

well if the empirical formula of blood is, from my source C 738 H 1166 N 812 O 203S2 Fe their is not enough (Fe) iron ions for blood to be even a half decent conductor.

What is an electrical conductor and an electrical semiconductor?

Conductors are substances that allow flow of electricity through them. Although some electricity is lost in the form of heat, yet is negligible. Eg: silver gold copper iron Semiconductors are elements that allow electricity partially. For example they allow 50 percent and stops the rest. Eg: silico (MORE)

What is an electrical insulator and an electrical conductor?

An electrical insulator is a material that resists electric current, and will not allow it to flow easily. Examples include glass and most ceramics. An electrical conductor is a material that offers very little resistance to electric current, allowing it to flow freely and easily. Most metals mak (MORE)

What is the conductor of electricity?

Conductor of electricity are compounds that allow electricity to pass through. They are metallic and sometimes ductile and malleable. Very common is iron. The most metallic element is francium.

Is iron a poor conductor of electricity?

since iron is a metal and most metals are good conductors of electricity one can assume that iron is a fair conductor of electricity. The electrical conductivity of iron is approx. 1/6 from the electrical conductivity of silver (the best known conductor).

Is slate a conductor of electricity?

No slate does not conduct electricity as it is an insulator. It can also be used as an insulating medium in electric circuits. Syam (Anand,Gujarat)

Examples of bad conductors of electricity?

rubber, plastics? usually almost all the non-metals(with the exception of carbon, carbon conducts electricity) EDIT: CARBON as in the element itself (C) covalent compounds of carbon usually cannot conduct electricity e.g. Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) dry air also cannot conduct electricity.

Is a pencil an insulator or conductor of electricity?

Note: "electricity" is not conducted, only electrical current (the flow of electrons) is. Electricity is the field that covers all things electrical. The wood in a pencil is an insulator. If it is wet, it is a poorer insulator, but only a poor conductor. The carbon (lead) in the pencil is a poor (MORE)

Is foam a conductor of electricity?

This depends on the type of foam. There have been made foam that actually conduct electricity. This is a choice made in the manufacturing of the foam. Most foam in mattresses and the like does not conduct electricity. Moisture however can change the mattresses conductivity drastically.

Is mica a good conductor of electricity?

Mica has such poor electrical conductivity that it has often beenused as an insulator. The resistivity of mica ranges from 1x10^12to 2x10^14 Ω/cm depending on the type of mica. For reference,copper, a good conductor, has a resistivity of only 1.68×10^−8 Ω/mor 1.68x10^-10 Ω/cm. no, i (MORE)

Can water be an electricity conductor?

Pure distilled water is not a good conductor of electricity. It is the impurities in water (usually salts) that conduct electricity. In fact, the conductivity of a sample of water can be used to measure the concentration of salts in the water sample.

Is the earth a conductor or an insulator of electricity?

Earth can conduct electricity but not as good a wires. Its resistance depends on the kind of the ground , how far is one point from the other where you measure the resistance, the moisture, and other factors. So, i think it's a conductor ______________________________________________________________ (MORE)

Do electric conductors block electricity?

NO! Although its no, every conductor has resistance that blocks little current and dissipates in the form of heat. Its negligible in conductor. Eg: silver has lowest resistance compared to iron

Is nitrogen an electrical conductor?

No Nitrogen is a non-metal an is therefore a poor conductor of electricity because there is no where for the electrons to flow and there are no free electrons

Is linen a good conductor of electricity?

Most natural fabrics are poor conductors of electricity and they can build up static charge. Linen is made from flax and it is, relatively speaking, a better conductor of electricity than many other fabrics. It shows less tendency to build up static electric charge. It is, however, still much less c (MORE)

Why diamond is bad conductor of electricity?

Diamond is made up of pure carbon. In the structure of diamond one carbon atom is attached to four other carbon atoms forming a covalent bond. All the electrons of each carbon atom is shared and the octet rule is satisfied. Hence no free electron is left for the conductance of electricity.

Why is diamond a bad conductor of electricity?

All four valanced electron of each carbon atom involves in formation of covalent bond living no free electron to conduct electricity under influnce of electric field thats why diamond is bad conductor of heat and electricity

Is a diamond a thermal and electrical conductor?

A diamond is a superior conductor of thermal energy (heat). It's better at this than anything else we know of. But diamond is a poor conductor of electricity. It's actually a pretty good insulator.

Is pure iron conductor of electricity?

Pure iron is the best conductor of electricity in the currentworld. It transmits up to eight million electrons per minutethrough a gauge of 10mm. Pure iron can conduct electricity betterthan copper and can harvest electricity, although it would have tohave added allotropes for that to happen.

How were electrical conductors discovered?

in 1729, Stephen Gray, an English physicist, found that some substances could carry electricity from one location to another. These substances were called conductors.

Is saliva a conductor of electricity?

Yes , because it has water in it , and waters conductive. So if youdrop saliva on a motherboard cpu , it wont work because it isconducing electricity

Is technetium a good conductor of electricity?

Electrical conductivity is 6.7 Ms/m (mega-siemens / metre) which isapproximately the same as 1010 carbon steel. Technetium, cooled toa few degrees above absolute zero, becomes a superconductor. Pleasesee the links.

What is a conductor of electricity?

In a conductor, electric current can flow freely, in an insulatorit cannot. Metals such as copper typify conductors, while most non-metallic solids aresaid to be good insulators, having extremely high resistance to theflow of charge through them.