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What is an electrical conductor?

An electrical conductor is a substance that permits electrons to flow through it easily. Most metals are good conductors. In contrast, insulators are strongly resistant

What are conductors of electricity?

Conductors of electricity are materials that let electricity pass through them. A good conductor of electricity is something that allows electricity to flow smoothly. Some con

What is an electrical conductor and an electrical semiconductor?

Conductors are substances that allow flow of electricity through them. Although some electricity is lost in the form of heat, yet is negligible. Eg: silver gold copper iron S

What is an electrical insulator and an electrical conductor?

An electrical insulator is a material that resists electric current, and will not allow it to flow easily. Examples include glass and most ceramics. An electrical conductor

What is the conductor of electricity?

Conductor of electricity are compounds that allow electricity to pass through. They are metallic and sometimes ductile and malleable. Very common is iron. The most metallic el

Do electric conductors block electricity?

NO! Although its no, every conductor has resistance that blocks little current and dissipates in the form of heat. Its negligible in conductor. Eg: silver has lowest resistan
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What is a conductor of electricity?

In a conductor, electric current can flow freely, in an insulatorit cannot. Metals such as copper typify conductors, while most non-metallic solids aresaid to be good insu